What size motor is in 1985 Nissan truck?

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Q: What size motor is in 1985 Nissan truck?
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What size oil filter fits 1985 Nissan truck?

don't use fram ,they are the small ones, walmart has the super tech brand,they are the same size that u would get from the Nissan dealer,u can look up the year and model number at the store.

What size motor in a GM truck?

it now has a 305

How big of gas tank in you 1997 Nissan truck?

When owning a car, a person should know the gas tank size of the car. The 1997 Nissan truck has a gas tank size of 15.9 gallons.

Is there a wiring diagram for a 1985 full size Chevrolet Truck?


What size manifold fits 1985 GMC rescue truck?

to know which manifold fits, you need to know what engine is in the truck

What size motor would a 1998 Nissan Maxima have?

it has a 3.0 v6 hp 190

Medida de cilindro motor Nissan z?

size of cilindres 350z 2006

What is the gas tank size on a 1985 Chevy truck?

dual tanks 15gal each

Is 1991 Nissan truck compatible with 1994 pathfinder?

Some parts on a 1991 Nissan truck are compatible with a 1994 Pathfinder. The alternator, battery, and other engine parts are compatible if they are the same engine size.

What type of product does Nissan Titan sell?

The Nissan Titan introduced in 2004, is a full-size pickup truck produced for the North American market by Nissan. The truck shares the stretched Nissan F-Alpha platform with the Nissan Armada and Infiniti QX56 SUVs, and is manufactured in Canton, Mississippi, United States.

What size motor is in a 1982 Datsun pickup?

Z22 little motor, same one that 620 trucks have. Ur better of getting a datsun 1984 or 85 truck, same style truck but better bigger motor.

1986 GMC truck and would like to know the motor size The on motor is k0306sda?

The motor site is a 5.7 litre 305 8 cylender engine.

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