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What size plasma television should be purchased for viewing from six to fifteen feet away?

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Assuming you're getting an HD set and purchasing HD programming, here's the rule of thumb: The MINIMUM viewing distance is twice the diagonal measurement of the set. For example, if you get a 42" set, you should sit at least 84", or seven feet, away from it. Viewers sitting closer may see the scan lines and other flaws in the picture. If you're not purchasing HD programming, the rule of thumb is to sit no closer than triple the diagonal measurement.

2006-09-10 00:44:50
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What is the purpose of Plasma TV brackets?

Plasma TV brackets can be used to to mount a Plasma TV to the wall instead of placing it on a table or home entertainment center. It can eliminate clutter and a better viewing experience.

What is the difference between LCD televisions and plasma?

Viewing angles for a plasma will not have as many problems as viewing angles for LCD's, Screen Refresh Rates / Pixel response time for plasma screens are faster, and plasma tvs tend to be heavier. For more information on the differences, visit

Where can I buy a goodmans plasma tv?

Goodmans plasma televisions are readily available in the uk and can be purchased through

What exactly is a plasma sort of TV ?

Plasma TVs are becoming a more and more popular viewing option and can be purchased in so many styles and sizes it can seem a minefield. My advice would be to go to a large outlet such as PC World where you can see the TVs in store and get detailed information from their well trained staff.

What is the difference between LCD and plasma.?

The difference between a plasma and widescreen lcd tv is that a plasma has less of a viewing range. They both have great video quality.

I'm looking to buy a new flat screen TV, but not sure if an LCD TV is the way to go or Plasma?

Both have their own advantages. LCD has a better resolution than plasma of the same size, but plasma is better priced and has better viewing angles. LCD is lighter if your putting on a wall, but the bigger the TV the better reason for getting Plasma for viewing purposes. LCD are better smaller TVs.

What are the benefits of having a Plasma TV?

There are multiple benefits of having a plasma TV. Plasma TVs tend to have high resolution. They have a slender and light design, which makes it easier to place somewhere. They also have wide viewing angles, which rear projection and LCD TVs do not.

is a 1080p plasma tv better than an LED tv?

The viewing difference between a 1080p plasma TV and an LED TV would be a sharper, brighter HD on the LED TV. On the other hand, will the plasma last longer than the LED, no the plasma will eventually get burn in from static images, where there is no such draw back with LED TV.

Why would you recommend a plasma hdtv over an lcd hdtv?

Plasma TVs have excellent contrast and can produce deeper blacks than LCD TVs. Additionally, plasma TVs display more natural colors. They also have a wider viewing angle than LCD TVs.

Are cheap plasma TVs better than lcd TVs?

"Depending on your preferences, the plasma might be a better buy for your needs. Plasma screens are known to have better viewing angles and obviously better price. The plasma screen has more of a ""cinema"" type look to it."

What are some features available in plasma TV stands?

Plasma TV stands offer a solid base for your TV, they allow to change the angle of the tv to reduce glare and allow for more comfortable viewing. They also allow for better security.

What tv brand comes with the best warranty?

Most warranties that comes with TV are purchased from the actual store, not the TV brand. For example, our TV is a Panasonic Plasma TV, but our warranty is with hhgregg because that is where we purchased it.

How do plasma TVs compare to HD LED TVs?

Plasma TV's often have a wider viewing angle then LED tv's. LED's are often brighter and more vibrant. I would suggest a plasma for a wider and larger room. LED's for smaller rooms.

Are plasma TVs better than LCD TVs?

Although both TV's are attractive looking, with sleek designs, there are many differences between them. The benefits of a plasma TV is that they have better colour accuracy and a wider side to side viewing panel.

What would some of the benefits of a plasma TV be?

A Plasma TV has some crucial benefits over an LCD TV. For starters, a Plasma TV shows a better contrast than an LCD, and also has a better viewing angle(move towards the side of your TV, and note the color change). Plasma TVs also keep up with more action-style movies and games better than LCD TVs, which have been known to lag a bit.

What are the benefits of a plasma television?

Plasma and LCD televisions are the two top produced tv varieties available today. Plasma offers a few advantages over LCD in the picture quality. One of the top noticeable advantage is in color as a Plasma television produces deeper blacks giving a higher contrast look. A few other advantages of Plasma are that they have less motion blur due to high refresh rates, and wider viewing angles than LCD screens.

Choosing a Flat Panel TV?

A new television not only requires a lot of money, but it also requires a lot of research and thought. This is something that will possibly get the most use of any other item in the house. You will want your new television to be something that is durable and appealing. The best choice is to purchase a flat panel tv. These look great and are sleek and sophisticated. There are two different types of flat panels in which to choose. It is important to study these different types before shopping. You can choose between an LCD (liquid crystal display) or a plasma. There are pros and cons to both types, so you will need to decide which type is best for you and your viewing area. A strong point for plasma televisions are their motion handling. During motion there is no ghosting or tagging with a plasma television. The motion is very quick and crisp. Plasma televisions also provide a wider viewing angle than an LCD television. If your viewing angle will be to the side and not straight on the flat panel tv, then a plasma would be a better choice. A plasma tv, however, cannot be purchased in a size smaller than 42. An LCD tv is a great purchase for a smaller flat panel. These make great televisions for kitchens and brightly lit rooms. If you are looking for a thinner tv, then an LCD would be a great choice because they are often much thinner than a plasma. Another advantage of an LCD is that they consume less energy than a plasma. As you can see there are many advantages and disadvantages to both an LCD and a plasma. The best thing to do is to decide exactly where the television will be positioned. This will tell you what size you will need and which type you will be interested in purchasing. Whichever type of flat panel tv you purchase, you will be pleased with the size, shape and performance.

What is the difference between plasma the state of matter and plasma tv?

There is no difference the only thing is plasma is in a TV in plasma screen TV and plasma is outside of the TV in the state or matter.

Why was the TV screens in the past so small?

Poeple in the past just invented the tv and the screens were large tubes that were much different than todays plasma screens. Technology has broadened our tv viewing.

How do plasma TVs compare with TVs such as the LG LED TV?

First thing to compare is the colours - Plasma TV can produce excellent black levels, while LED TVs look much greyer. Also Plasma TVs produce more even brightness levels across the screen. Plasma TVs have much better viewing angles than the majority of LED TVs too. Plasma TVs also make fast-moving objects look sharper because of a shorter response time. On the other hand, LEDs use less power, are brighter and have a wider range of colours.

Where can one purchase a 1080p plasma TV?

Any type of 1080p plasma TV can be purchased at most major home electronics stores. Check out Best Buy and The Source. Or check out a store such as Amazon or eBay.

How big across is a typical Samsung 50 inch plasma TV?

A typical Samsung 50 inch plasma TV has a width of 48 inches. It has a viewing screen diagonal of 50 inches. It typically 3 inches thick, and has a height of 30 inches.

What is the difference between a LED HD TV and a plasma TV?

There is quite a few difference between a led HD and a plasma TV. For starters, the LCD is more compact than that of a plasma TV. There is also a difference in viewing experience when it comes to color and pixel imaging. You can find a side by side comparison of the two here

What does plasma have to do with a plasma TV?

Plasma is used in plasma screen televisions as it can be manipulated to show different colours.

Is the Samsung LCD TV better then Panasonic?

Panasonic is best. If it's a Plasma HDTV you want....well Panasonic is your best bet. Panasonic is a world leader in Plasma technology in it's HDTV's. Samsung produce great LCD HDTV's but in my opinion these have yet to rival the picture quality of Plasma's. After months of viewing HDTV's I have just purchased the latest state of the art Panasonic Plasma model TH-PY800.