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What size heat pump i need for inground pool size 14 x31

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Q: What size pump do you need for 15 x 30 pool?
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What size heat pump do you need for 15 x 25 in ground pool?

Contact Heatpro.

What size of pool pump do you need for a 15 x 33 foot pool?

You can get by with a 1/2 hp pump if everything else is sized correctly and it is just for circulation only.

What size swimming pool pump and sand filter will you need for a koi pool 13000 gallons with 15 koi 24 inches long?

A small sand filter 40-60 sq ft. and a small pump 3/4 HP

How much space do you need for an average in-ground pool?

Typical in-ground pool dimensions are 10 x 20, 15 x 30, and 20 x 40. Depending on which size you choose, you would need to add on at least 3-feet on each side of the pool for an apron. Although these are typical pool sizes, a pool can be any size that you choose.

What is the proper pressure for a sand filter on a swimming pool?

It will usually vary on pump size, filter size, and total feet of head but a psi between 8-15 on a clean sand bed is pretty common.

What is the size of shahid kapur biceps?

15 inches without pump. 16 inches with pump

What is the Flow rate of 1.5 hp pool pump through a 1.5 inch line?


One pump can fill a pool in ten minutes another can fill the pool in 15 minutes how long to fill the pool if both pumps are running?

The first pump fills (1/10th) of the pool in 1 minute.The second pump fills (1/15th) of the pool in 1 minute.With both running, they fill(1/10 + 1/15) = (3/30 + 2/30) = 5/30 = 1/6th of the pool in 1 minute.They have to run for [ 1 / (1/6) ]= 6 minutes in order to fill the pool.

What size filter is needed for a 15 x 30 x 4.5 ft pool?

you woulds need to use a 12 x 25 filter

How many laps in an Olympic size pool equal 750 meters?


What is the size of a short course swimming pool?

15 metres by 5 metres

What size pump and filter do you need for a 29000 gallon in ground swimming pool?

A pool with 29,000 with a minimum turn over of 6 hr would require a flow 80,5 gpm. I would recommend a pump capable of about 100 gpm at 60 ft head For commercial application a 36" filter is 7.07 SQ FT at 15 gpm/sq ft = 106 gpm. I hope that answers your question. John

How long to run a above ground pool filter pump?

I have a above ground pool from wal-mart 15 foot round 4 foot deep metal frame. How many hours a day should I run the filter pump? Also can I buy a more powerfull pump that want tear the pool up?

How many laps equal 750 meters?

In an olympic size pool, that is 15 lengths

How many gallons are in 15 foot by 4 foot pool?

You need to know the depth of the pool in order to be able to answer this question. Unless it is a round pool and you are referring to 15 as the diameter and 4 as the depth then your pool is about 5,300 gallons

How many gallons of water in a 15 ft above ground pool?

We cannot determined the measures of water with your pool regarding with the information you provided. Please indicate the exact size of your pool, you said it was 15 ft above ground level and how about the total length and the width of your pool?

How much heat do you get from a solar cover?

8-15 degree's depending on sun and size of pool

I have an above ground pool with a deck attached on one side and aluminum decking all around.The pool size alone is 15x24 oval. What size pool cover should I buy to cover all decking?

Add the height of the pool to the 15' width of the pool. Then add the width of the deck to the 24' length of the pool to obtain the right measurement.

How many feet are in a pool 15 feet by 24 feet?

15 x 24 = 360 square feet. How deep is the pool? You need that to determine cubic feet of that area.

Why would a DE pool pump surge water at 7 pounds then slow down at 15 pounds?

The ropes inside the filter have become blocked, not letting the clean water out at the desired rate of the out put of the pump. A: Firstly, the pool pump is not a DE pump. The pool pump is the one with the motor attached and a round pot like device attached to the motor with a basket inside. The DE FILTER or large tank type device is probably what you are talking about. At 15#'s the filter is overloaded with dirt and cannot pass the water thru it freely or with ease. And I am sure that you are talking about the flow of water thru the filter back to the pool slowing in this instance - right. Back wash the filter before it reaches 15#'s. k

What is the price of an average size gunite swimming pool?

The average size pool (14 or 15 X36) approx. 19,000gallons gunite pool will cost you around $32,000. I recently went "pool" shopping with multiple builders and this would be an average price. This does not include all the extra water features, etc.

What size bolt goes into the front pump of a GM th350 transmission?

Pump assembly to case- (5/16-18) 15 ft/lb

How much water for a 15 x 24 pool?

need to know depth to answer question

How much salt do you need for a 15 x 48 above ground pool?

I only had to use 80 pounds of salt for my 15x48 pool.

How do you properly backwash a pool?

You need to backwash only when your pump pressure is 15 or 20 psi above the normal pressure rate.To backwashTurn OFF the pool pump.Turn pool control handle to "backwash"Turn ON the pool pump. Watch for the dirty water to flow until it becomes clear. (Most filters have a clear bubble on the side that allows you to see the water as it flows out of the system)Turn OFF the pool pump.turn the handle to rinsestart the pump again for about 10 seconds or until the water in the bubble is clear.Turn the pump of again.Return the filter handle back to the filter position.Start the pump up againcheck that the pressure in the gauge has dropped considerably and if it has you once again have a clean filter until the pressure builds up again.Note : When you backwash a filter, you drain allot of water from your pool.According to my directions: Let water turn dirty and then clear up and no longer than 3 minutes. And after every vacuuming.