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Look on the barrel to find out.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-30 04:50:28
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Q: What size shell does a Mossberg 600 use?
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What size shells does a Mossberg 80 shot gun use?


Is a Mossberg 600CT pump the same as the 500A?

I don't know why someone would completely not answer you. You asked about the 600ct correct? So to know about the AT really isn't much use to you. Yes it is the same as the Mossberg 500A!!!!! It was a model created for a store brand to identify which chain was selling the item. All parts and fubctions and shape and size is identical to the 500A. The only difference is that it had a 1/2" shorter barrel than the 500A due to the full chokeAnswerThe Mossberg (New Haven) 600 AT is essentially the same as the Mossberg 500. The differences are the 500 has a firing pin spring, and the action bars on the 600 can only be removed by removing the magazine tube. AnswerThe Mossberg 600 AT is the same as the 500 with two differences. The 500 has a firing pin spring, and the action bars on the 600 can only be removed by removing the magazine tube.

I have a Mossberg 600at new haven can you use Mossberg 500 pump action mag extensions?

Yes, the 600 At is the same model as the 500 series, but with a different designation for sale in New haven stores. So yes, all Mossberg 500 after market or OEM parts will fit it.

What bolts will fit a mossberg 46A rifle?

Do not attempt to use other than a Mossberg bolt made for that rifle.

What size service entrance conductors do you use for a 600 amp residential panel?

About 1000 kcmil. However, I'm not aware of any residential panels rated for 600 Amps.

Is the mossberg 500a use for hunting deer?

It can be, if you are using a slug

What is a road block shotgun or barrel?

The road block shotgun you may be referring to is the Mossberg 500 "Road Blocker". It's a tactical use Mossberg released in 2009. Google "Mossberg Road Blocker".

What would one use a Mossberg 500 Stock for?

The Mossberg 500 Stock is the stock for the Mossberg 500 shotgun. The stock would allow you to get a better grip on the shotgun and absorb some recoil from firing the shotgun.

What kind of ammo does a Mossberg 500 Mariner use?

It will be printed on the barrel

How do use a shell in a sentence?

type shell in a sentence

What would be a good amplifier to use with the Alpine SPS-600 speakers?

You could use any amp size over 100 watts for great sound production.

What kind of battery does the mossberg airsoft scope use?


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