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The 2009 Dodge Dakota comes standard with P245/70R16 size tires on both the front and the rear. The wheels are 16 *8 inches.

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Q: What size tires do I need for a 2009 Dodge Dakota pickup truck?
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WHAT is the name of the pickup truck that dodge makes?

they make a Dodge Dakota, witch is a very small pickup and a Dodge Ram that is a little bigger than the Dakota and you can get in flatbed and dually, witch you cannot get with a Dakota

Dodge Dakota front drive shaft cv joint?

The Dodge Dakota pickup truck has CV joints on both front wheels. The pickup truck also has a driveshaft, as it is rear wheel drive.

Anyone know where you can find vacuum tube diagrams for a 2003 Dodge Dakota Pickup truck?

No vacuum tubes on the Dakota. It uses electric servos.

How do you replace a fuel pump on a 1996 Dodge Dakota pickup?

You have to remove the fuel tank or truck bed to access it.

Will a 1992 Dakota truck motor fit into a Dodge truck 1999 Dakota?

Will a 1992 Dakota truck motor fit into a dodge truck 1999 Dakota?"

What recalls should I be aware of regarding my 2004 Dodge Dakota pickup truck?

The suspension and headlights. You can find a list here

What is the firing order for a 1996 Dodge Dakota 3.9 liter pickup truck?


Where is the spare tire located on a 1998 dodge Dakota sport pickup?

It should be located under the truck, behind the rear axle.

What is the stock tire size for a 2004 dodge Dakota slt quad cab pickup truck v6?

245 75 r16

Can you put a v-8 motor in a 88 Dodge Dakota pickup truck?

V8's were an available factory option, so, yes.

How much does it cost to replace a clutch on a 1993 Dodge Dakota pickup truck?

It varies with what part of the country you live in. Call a couple of local garages for estimates

How to replace a door window on a 1995 Dodge Dakota pickup truck?

remove door panel, roll down window 1/3, unbolt from track

What happens when you put to much antifreeze in the over flow bottle of a 2003 Dodge Dakota pickup truck.?

It will get pushed out onto the ground as the engine warms up.

What are the model names of some smaller pickup trucks?

The major and most common name for a smaller pickup truck is called an halfton. The model names are usually and most commonly dodge dakota or chevrolet colorado etc.

Is Dodge Ram a pickup truck or a passenger vehicle?

The dodge ram is a pickup truck, used usually for construction companies and unions. It has two seats in the fron, a back window, and the pick up space.

Where is the ecu located on 2002 Dodge Dakota truck?

Were is the ecm located on a 2001 dakota

Does Dodge still make the Ram truck?

Yes Dodge does indeed still make the Dodge Ram truck. The Ram (previously known as Dodge Ram) is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by Chrysler LLC and.

How do you adjust the bands on a 2003 Dodge Dakota truck 6 cylinder automatic?

The automatic transmission in a 2003 Dodge Dakota does not have bands.

Where is the ECU located on a 1968 Dodge pickup truck?

If, by ECU you mean "Engine Control Unit", I don't believe a 1968 dodge pickup had one.

Will Dodge Ram 01 tires fit on a 04 Dodge Ram?

it not a question of if the tires will fit the truck, it is if the tires will fit the rim on the 04. check if the rims are the same size

Is a 2wd 2004 dodge Dakota flat towable?

Is a 2wd Dakota truck flat towable

What is the truck bed dimention of Dodge Dakota quad cab slt 4by4?

The truck bed dimension of a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab SLT 4 by 4 is 5 feet by 4 inches.

Are suv tires any different then the tires on pickup truck And if so what are the differences?

There are no differences between tires for an SUV and a pickup truck. Heavy-duty pickups do require a higher load rated tire than a standard SUV, but besides that there are no differences. Thread pattern and sizes are generally the same also.

What class of truck is a 1996 dodge Dakota?

Class 1

What is the best used diesel pickup truck?

Dodge. Straight up.