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Q: What size track chain is fitted to a Volvo ECR88 excavator?
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Does a Volvo v50 08 reg have a cam belt or chain?

It has a chain

Does a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee have a timing belt or timing chain fitted?


How I have fitted new chain and sprockets and chain still slips?

Probably not enough tension.

Does a Ford Fiesta 1.3 Encore 1998 have a timing chain?

1.3 engine, code J4C. This engine is fitted with a timing chain.

Vauxhall frontera 2.2dti x reg does it have a timing belt or chain?

Engine code X22DTH This engine is fitted with a timing chain

Does the Porsche boxster S have a cam belt?

No. it uses a chain - fitted for life of the car.

Does a Alfa Romeo have a chain or timimng belt?

Some models have a Cambelt, and some of them have a timing chain. It depends on the year, model and engine that you have fitted.

Does the mk triton 2.8lt turbo diesel have timing belt or chain?

MK Turbo Diesel 2.8 has a timing chain fitted not a belt

Does your vauxhall zafira 2001 2LTR TD have a cambelt or camchain?

This vehicle has a timing chain fitted.

Does 2003 Volvo s60 s have timing belt or timing chain?

Timing BELT

Does a 1998 Vauxhall Vectra 2.0 DTi LS have a timing belt or timing chain?

For Vectra 2.0Ltr Dti With an engine code of X20DTH A chain is fitted

How do you lock a door from inside?

By using the key or switch if fitted. A bolt, latch, drop bar or chain.

When should you change your timing belt for vw polo 2002?

if its 2002 /2003 with timing chain get the updated tensioner and new chain fitted before it jumps as these do at 50,000!

Does 2001 Volvo S60 D5 S have a timing belt or timing chain?

It has a timing belt,

Does a 1995 Toyota Celica have a timing belt or a timing chain?

All 1995 Celica's are fitted with timing belts.

Does the Nissan 2.7 diesel engine as fitted in the Fairway LTI Black cab have a timing belt or chain?

, in answer to your question, the Nissan engine is fitted with interlocking timing wheels which will last the life of the engine.

When should the timing belt be changed on a 1998 BMW 318?

1998, 318 is fitted with a timing chain not a timing belt.

What is the job of the tRNA during translation?

To bring one specific amino acid to the ribosome where it is fitted into a growing polypeptide chain.

Does a fiat ducato 1971cc petrol engine year 1984 have a timing chain or timing belt?

Ducato 1971 cc 1982-1985 engine code XN1T Is fitted with a timing chain

Does the peugeot 307 have a timing chain or a timing belt?

All petrol & diesel engines are listed as having timing belts fitted.

How do you get a chain off a bike using screw drivers and wrenches?

Getting the chain completely of requires either that the chain is fitted with a master link, or that you have a chain breaker tool. Of course it's possible to remove the chain by breaking it, but then you won't be able to get it back on w/o shortening the chain. If you're only talking about getting the chain off it's usually enough simply to loosen the rear wheel and slide it forward a bit to relax the chain and then if can be lifted off the cogs.

Does Renault traffic 2.0 liter diesel have a timing belt or chain?

Are the indicators built into the headlamp or seperate units? If they are seperate then it is a belt fitted, after 2006 the range had a facelift and the indicators were then built into the indicators. These models had new Euro4 engines fitted and were equipped with chains!!

Does a omega 2.5 turbo diesel got a timing chain or belt?

If your engine is the 2.5 BMW straight 6 TD , it has a timing CHAIN. This engine is fitted not only to the BMW's, but also in the Omega, and Range Rover DSE. Hope this helps !

Does a vauxhall astra coupe 2.2 auto a timing belt or a timing chain?

All Vauxhall 2.2 petrol engines in Astra and Zafira have a chain. The Sintra and the Omega are belt driven as they were fitted with what was in effect a bored out version of the X20XEV which was belt driven.

How do you get the chain off a Next intruder 2008 bmx Bike?

Undo wheel nuts, slacken chain tensioner(if applicable). Push wheel forward in the dropouts. This should give enough slack to unhook the chain. If you want the chain completely off you probably need a chain breaker tool. Some bikes are fitted with quick links/master links that can be opened w/o tools. Just look for a link that's different from the others.