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The size for windshield wipers on a 1994 Dodge ram 1500 are 20. i have a 94.

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Q: What size windshield wipers does a 1994 Dodge Ram require?
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How do you troubleshoot the windshield wipers on a 1994 ford ranger?

you are

A 1994 dodge spirit where is the fan motor resistor found?

it is in the engine compartment. remove the plastic cowl under the wipers and behind the windshield wiper reservoir you will find the resistor tucked under there.1 remove wipers 2 remove cowl 3 remove wiper reservoir and you will find it there

Where can you find a 1994 s 10 windshield wiper wiring diagram?

If your wipers aren't working then check the grounding screw under the hood if it becomes loose your wipers wont work.

What causes slow windshield wipers on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee I replaced the wiper motor but there was no change.?

Weak battery or alternator output.

How do you change windshield wiper motor on 1994 dodge ram?

Remove the windshield wiper arm from the windshield wiper motor. Remove the wiring harness. Remove the retaining nut. Reverse the process to install the new windshield wiper motor.

Where is the windshield cleaner tank on a 1994 dodge turbo cummins diesel?

Under the hood, on the driver side of the radiator.

Can a defective central timer module affect intermitent wipers on a 2005 dodge ram 1500?

A 2005 doesn't have a central timer module. The wipers are controlled by the cluster and the front control module. 1994-2002 did have a centrel timer that did control wipers.

What size wiper blades fit on a 1994-2001 dodge ram 1500?

All 1994-2001 Dodge Ram Series Pickups takes 20" replacement windshield wiper blades on both sides front.

What size of wiper blades for 1994-2001 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup?

All 1994-2001 Dodge Ram Series Pickups take 20" replacement windshield wiper blades on both sides front.

Why does my wipers not shut off on my 1994 deville?

If I had to guess, the windshield wiper switch in the car is bad. It think it's located somewhere among the wire harnesses underneath the dash.

Where do i find windshield arm replacement for a 1994 dodge Dakota sport?

You can find one at almost any auto salvage yard.

What size wiper blades fit a 1994 Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan?

The 1994 Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan takes a 22" driver side, 18" passenger side and 18" rear replacement windshield wiper blades.

How do you fix your windshield wiper switch in your 1993 Safari van?

I am wondering the same thing in 1994 safari van, have only wipers on high, i've unplugged the plug at the wiper motor & checked for power, only have power to wipers on high, now is the switch in the column with the signals,

How do you get your 1994 Mazda 626 int stage on my windshield wipers working after it stopped?

You will have to determine if the fuse, the switch, the wiper motor, the linkage, the pulse board or the wiring/connections is at fault before you can fix it.

Why would the windshield wipers work but stay in the up position when turned off on a 1994 camaro?

The motor shaft and the wipers are'nt connected properly(the timing is off), just disconnect the wipers from the motor. Turn your car on and cycle the motor and it should be back at the home position. Pull your wipers back down and reconnect and all should be fine.Thats if you put in a new wipermotor. If not, maybe the wiper switch is bad.

How do you fix windshield wipersn arms on a 1994 Dodge Dakota that won't turn on?

try and put a new ground from wiper moter to the boby Also see if the wiper motor works, you can check that by looking between the little grille that is between your windshield and hood, to see if the arm is turning if it is then all you'll need is a plastic piece that connects to the the motor arm and arms that connect to the wipers. about $3.50 Check fuses as well.

How do you change a windshield wiper on a 1994 Ford Escort?

Go to the parts store and look in the book that hangs near the wipers and get either inserts or blades that will fit your car and there are instructions printed on them Good luckJoe

Why won't your windshield wipers go back to their starting position when you turn them off in a 1994 grand marquis?

If wipers stay stright up went turned off, you needs new motor. There are two parts to the motor, one is working and the other is not. Had same problem. new motor fix it

What year windshield fits your 1999 ram 1500 dodge truck?

That RAM series ran from 1994 until 2001, the windshields should all be the same.

1994 Toyota 4runner rear windshield wiper removal?

The 1994 Toyota 4Runner takes a special rear wiper you have to purchase at the dealer. When purchasing the part, ask for the replacement procedure. Unfortunately, this vehicle doesn't have one of the 13 universal rear wipers most vehicles have. You can however purchase aftermarket wiper blades for the front wipers. See the Sources and Related Links section below.

94 Jeep GC windshield wipers only work on low or high They park anywhere on the windshield after turned off Anyone know what could be wrong?

The intermitten wiper relay is bad just found this on my daughters 1994 Jeep GC. If you remove the cover under your hood release cable to the left of the brake petal you will find the relay. You can pull it out and hook the wiring harresses together and wipers will work, but the intermitten will not.

Will a 1994 dodge neon motor go in a 1999 dodge neon?

There was no 1994 Neon.There was no 1994 Neon.

How do you replace the wiper assembly on a 1994 Honad Accord?

Normally. the pack of the wipers that you buy have tha instruction on how-to replace the wipers

Where is the wiper motor on a 1994 dodge spirit?

On the drivers side, right in front of the windshield. Lift the hood and look under the plastic grill. You will see it there. Lift the grill, it snaps in and out, and you can get to it.

Where is the blower resistor located on a 1994 Dodge Shadow?

under the cowl, remove wiper arm assembly, remove cowl, remove windshield washer resvior (sp) and you will find it