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Q: What social events did Marie Antoinette go to?
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Was Marie Antoinette's husband still alive when she died?

No, he was the first to go.

What year did french queen Marie Antoinette go to the guillotine?

Marie-Antoinette was executed by Guillotine in l793. Her husband had been executed earlier, I believe in l792. There were thus two separate ( Trials)

Where did Marie Antoinette go to school?

She didn't go to school she was tutored by a close friend and trusted lord of her mother's (her mother being Maria Theresa). Marie Antoinette's Education was very "slap dash" and when she left for France it was noticable how bad her education had been.

Why did the people want Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette to go to Paris?

The French people wanted them to observe the problems that they were having with simple survival.

In what year did Queen Marie Antoinette go to prison?

In August 1789 Queen Marie Antoinette, King Louis XVI and their family were placed under house arrest at the Tuillerie Palace. They tried to escape to Varennes (1791), were captured and when they were brought back to Paris they were installed in the Temple prison and this time it was no house arrest, but they were true prisoners. After Louis XVI's execution, Marie Antoinette was brought to the Conciergerie (1793)and was eventually also executed.

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When was Marie Antoinette put in jail?

In August 1789 Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI and their children were forced by the Parisians to move from Versailles to the Tuileries castle. Here they were put under house arrest (which can be called imprisoned because they were guarded 24 hours a day and weren't allowed to go anywhere but the gardens. After they had tried to escape to Montmedy and were caught in Varennes, they were put in the Temple prison, which was an actual jail.

What was the sexual orientation of Marie Antoinette?

It was indeed rumoured that the French Queen Marie Antoinette was a lesbian. In those days, that word did not exist yet, and the proper way of saying that a lady was gay was "she is performing the German vice". Eversince Marie Antoinette was Austrian and is Austria they spoke (and still speak) German, a lot of jokes were made about this similarity. Marie Antoinette was the first queen in history (all around the world), that actually had pants made for her to go horse riding. Pants were mens clothing and a woman, let alone a queen, was absolutely not supposed to wear such manly things. She also rode her horse the way men did, with one leg on each side of the horse, and eversince at that time it was accustomed that ladies rode the horse with two legs on one side, that also provoked Hugh rumours about her sexual preference. And also because Marie Antoinette had great friendships with some of her court ladies (Princess de Lamballe, Yolanthe de Polignac), people started to print pornographic pamphlets that had drawings of her in an orgy with her court ladies. Though, Marie Antoinette was straight and actually fell in love with Count Fersen. She stayed close to him her whole life. If the two ever really had the love affair consumed, was never proven.

Does Marie Antoinette have grandparents?

Yes. Marie Antoinette had the blood of the Bourbons--the Orleans branch--and of Lorraine on her father's side. More remotely, her Orleans great-grandmother, a Palatine princess known as Liselotte, brought her the blood of Mary Queen of Scots via Elizabeth of Bohemia--but this was to go back 200 years. On the maternal side, Marie Antoinette inherited German blood from her grandmother Elizabeth Christina of Brunswick-Wolfbuttel, once described as "the most beautiful queen on earth." Her appearance at the age of fourteen enchanted her husband Charles VI: "Now that I have seen her, everything that has been said about her is but a shadow devoured by the light of the sun."

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Design a Signature Marie Antoinette Costume?

Dressing as Marie Antoinette for Halloween or a costume party is the perfect way to live out your most opulent fantasies. As the young Queen of France in the late 1700s, Marie Antoinette set the standard for extravagant gowns, stunning hair styles, and trend-setting fashion risks. With limitless funds at her disposal, she patronized the famed Paris couturier Rose Bertin and pushed the envelope with tight corsets, exposed dcolletage, huge hoop skirts with seemingly endless petticoats that were short enough to show her ankles, and all sorts of jewels or tongue-in-cheek items showcased within her mounds of hair. The right hair is essential to top off a Marie Antoinette costume, and unless you currently have thick hair that comes at least halfway down your back, you'll probably need extensions or a wig to approximate a recognizable Marie Antoinette look. The signature style for her hair is a pouf that stood almost three feet high. For all formal occasions and in most of the surviving works of art for which she sat, Marie Antoinette's hair was powdered, so you can get the right look whether you have brown hair or blonde. Find a couple of feathers or strands of pearls to weave into the elaborate pile of waves on your head, and everyone is sure to know who you are. Most people think of the corsets, voluminous skirts, and piles of hair as being the quintessential Marie Antoinette costume, but there is another option if you are interested in history or fashion. In one of her many acts of rebellion against the expectations that chafed her, Marie Antoinette became interested in English fashions, and started a trend for appearing in her own signature version of an English pastoral look. Sometimes she even dressed as a shepherdess or milkmaid. If you're interested in a Marie Antoinette costume to invoke this era of her life, go for a simple linen or muslin dress with a scarf around the waist, a straw hat, and no adornments like jewelry or makeup at all. It's likely that one will know you're Marie Antoinette at first, but it can be a great conversation starter.