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What soda brands stain your teeth the most?

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If you mean pop then Pepsi and Coke.

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What drink is the most affective on your teeth?

Wine and Soda can stain and decay teeth easily.

Is dark soda worse for your teeth than light soda is?

Most sodas are bad for your teeth , they contain acids, and sugars, the dark ones have the added fact , they stain your teeth.

Does caffeine stain?

Caffeine in soda does not stain your teeth. In coffee I'm not so sure. There maybe a slight stain from soda or coffee.

Will soda pop hurt or stain your teeth?

yes but not hurt your teeth

Why Does soda pop stain teeth?

it eats the enamel off of your teeth

How much soda do you have to drink for it to stain your teeth?


Does Pepsi stain your teeth?

yes it does because it is soda doiy

Why does soda stain teeth?

Because pop is bad for you and the color in it damages them

How can soda harm your teeth?

The acid in the soda can harm the enamal on your teeth, also drinking a lot can stain your teeth! Once the enamel is gone, it's gone for good!

Does dark soda stain teeth?

Yes, just like coffee and tea, cola and other "dark sodas" can stain your teeth. Carmel coloring and sugar rots teeth too.

What kind of toothpaste makes your teeth white?

For surface stains a toothpaste with baking soda in it would help. I dont believe that there is a toothpaste on the market that actually bleaches your teeth. So most adds that say "make teeth whiter" are by removing surface stain, and preventing stain from collecting on teeth.

What stains your teeth?

There are many drinks that will stain your teeth. These include coffee, tea, soda, Gatorade, as well as red wine.

What liquid stains teeth the most coffee tea or soda?

What stains the most is probably tea. But remember that Tea is good for your health, especialy green tea. Soda takes more time to stain teeth, but their action is irreversible, as it demineralizes the enamel and teeth turn yellow over the years. Also Soda causes cavities. The stains caused by tea can be removed with a dental cleaning. But not the ones from Soda.

What effects does soda have on teeth?

Phosphoric and citric acids are found in soda these acids and the high amounts of sugar make the enamel of your teeth soft and in time break them down and even stain them.

Why are my teeth yellow i brush they all the time?

If you drink a lot of coffee, juice or soda they will stain easily.

Does soda pop stain teeth?

Dark cola, coffee and tea are all known to stain the teeth, turning them yellow over a long period of time. Good dental cleaning on a regular basis will help.

What soda stains your teeth the least?

Clear sodas stain teeth the least. All sodas are bad for teeth though. Sodas are highly acidic and damage tooth enamel.

What soda corrodes your teeth the most?

Coke is the soda that corrodes your teeth. However, Pepsi and RC cola are close behind Coke. Root Beer is the safest soda for your teeth.

What liquid stains your teeth the most?

the soda stains your teeth the most than liquid.

Science experiments for kids which soda stains teeth most?

i say the dr. pepper stains teeth the most of all the soda but its really good

What is the most common stain and odor remover for carpets?

Pure baking soda

Which soda can damage your teeth the most?

RC Cola

What soda corrodes teeth the most?

== == coke cola

What soda rots your teeth the most?

Dr. Pepper

Which soda or juice will make a darker stain on an egg?

Which soda or juice will make a darker stain on an egg

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