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hi the answer is Sprite

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โˆ™ 2011-12-30 16:39:52
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Q: What soda has more gas coke or sprite?
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Which beverages release the most gas?

Both coke and sprite

Why does coke and sprite explode?

The gas inside of it makes it explode.

Coke or sprite has more gas?

The answer to that question probably depends on where you get the Coke or Sprite. If you get it from a soda fountain, it's going to depend on who adjusted that particular fountain. If you get it from a bottle, it's going to depend on who adjusts the machinery in the particular bottling plant. I don't know whether the Coca-Cola company has published standards about how much C02 goes into their products, but if they do, it's probably a secret.

What makes the baking soda and coke inflate a balloon?

The gas that is given out during the reaction of baking soda and coke could inflate a balloon

How much gas does coke have?

how much gas does soda have.... this can be a project to ... vinegar represents the gas put vinegar in the bottle of soda and put a balloon ontop and shake you can use diffrent kinds of soda for this

What gas is put in coke to make is fizz?

Carbon dioxide is the gas that makes soda pop fizz.

Which soda has more carbon dioxide coke or sprite?

Take 1 botttle of coke and 1 bottle of sprite of the same size (20 oz) weight them both, then, leave them open so the gas goes out; put the cap back shake a little, leave them open again, after 20 minutes weight them again, repeat the same procedure wait for 40 minutes and weight them again. Have a pice of paper and pen to write down the information.

Does 7 up have more gas then coke?

Ummm...Coke does becasue it has MORE sugar

What drinks contain a liquid and a gas?

Anything carbonate... (stuff that makes you blurp ? *smile*) like : coke, sprite, dew ... etc

Can pregnant women drink coke?

You can. It has a lot of acid in it though, and will cause gas. I recommend sprite, or mtn. Dew or 7 up

What is the gas produced by soda that causes gagging and coughing specifically Sierra Mist 7-Up and Sprite?

Carbon Dioxide is the gas used to put bubbles in drinks.

How does coke fizz?

Fizzing is done by the quick escape of carbon dioxide gas from carbonated water (called soda).

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