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What software should I use to record what I play on my keyboard onto my computer?

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The Yamaha e413 connects to a computer with a USB cable. The socket on the keyboard is marked USB to Host and will be a standard USB socket on the computer. The music/midi software on the computer may recognise that the keyboard is connected or you may need to configure the settings first - depending upon your computer, operating system and music/midi software being used.

First, make sure that your keyboard is compatible with your computer. Then plug in your keyboard and install the required software if necessary. Most keyboards will start configuring themselves. After your keyboard finishes installing you should be able to type on it.

The Computer keyboard if you mean the on-screen keyboard was created for computer users without keyboard connection. If you mean a normal physical keyboard, then I'm pretty sure the answer should be clear to you...

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You can use the camcorder's mic to record your computer for gaming.

Vet assistants should possess many different skills to perform their wide range of tasks. Five computer skills all vet assistants should possess include operating of record keeping software, scheduling software, computer based accounting skills, patient chart creation and retrieval, as well as computer research.

They connect to the USB port at the back of your computer. Its a rectangle shape and the wire from your keyboard should slot in there.

In order to find out what is wrong with your keyboard it isnecessary to hold the keyboard directly above your face and shake, a trouble shooting wizard should pop up on you computer. Make sure the keyboard is constantly connected to the computer during the process.

If it's MIDI it should work. Just make sure you have your MIDI channels set up correctly in your software and on the keyboard.

There should be a plug in the back of your hard drive that either has a picture of a keyboard next to it, or the color of the hole matches the color of the plug on the keyboard.

If the keyboard is working as the computer is booting up, the num lock and caps lock should be able to turn off and you should be able to enter CMOS setup. If this is the case something in Windows is preventing the keyboard from working. Try booting the computer into Safe Mode and see if the keyboard works in Safe Mode. If the num lock and caps lock do not work and you are unable to enter CMOS setup something is physically wrong with the keyboard or the computer. Try the other suggested steps.and If the keyboard is working as the computer is booting up, the num lock and caps lock should be able to turn off and you should be able to enter CMOS setup. If this is the case something in Windows is preventing the keyboard from working. Try booting the computer into Safe Mode and see if the keyboard works in Safe Mode.And If this is a USB keyboard and the keyboard is connected to a USB hub, try connecting the keyboard directly into the back or front of the computer.

What type of software should you have on your computer to check for Trojan horses, worms, and other files that can wreak havoc to your computer?

No. Of course it can. Spyware is different that of viruses. Everyone should have antivirus, spyware and malware detection software on their computer.

Windows : Control - Alt - Delete should bring up a menu where you can lock the computer .

You can advertise your computer software support on sites like PC Support or make a video to post on YouTube. There are lots of blogs online where you can advertise for computer software support.

Let's face it, a computer requires software to handle various task. The typical computer user requires several different software programs. Computer software can get rather expensive. Fortunately, there are sources for free computer software on the Internet. The way the computer is used determines the type of software required. For example, those who surf the Internet should download free anti-virus software. Why pay more when you can easily download free computer software from the Internet.

If your software is Windows, then yes you want the assurance. If you are operating and providing for a Mac computer, you will need to use their own particular site to find the facts and software needed to operate your computer. Any other computer should be compatible with the windows software.

After you've installed virus scan software you should restart your computer. Then you should perform a full system scan before opening any programs on your computer.

This is software that you normally purchase and install on your computer. The software will block viruses, etc. from corrupting your computers. Every company computer should have it installed as a safeguard.

To protect your computer from viruses, malwares, and worms that will harm your computer.

As long as you read the manual with the computer gaming software, anyone should be able to operate it effectively.

There are websites out there that cater to publishing books and you can also purchase this type of software at a computer goods store or an electronic store. Any place that sells computer software should offer book publishing software.

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Any keyboard instrument which has a MIDI port should work. If the keyboard / controller doesn't come with drivers and software, then as long as it supports general MIDI standards it should work. I'm assuming you already have some sort of MIDI interface. If not and the keyboard is USB, your mileage may vary but most that are come with a driver and software to enable this.

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