What some types of earthquakes?


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small earthquakes and big earthquakes and mideum earthquakes

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Some types of earthquakes are explosive,tectonic and underground.

I think there are three types of earthquakes one is the earths crust

tectonic,volcanic,explosion and collapse earthquakes

yes there are 3 diffrent types of earthquakes and each also have their own depth.

Earthquakes form in tectonic plates.

Earthquakes can cause several types of damage. Some of the major damage they can cause are collapsed building, sinkholes, tsunamis, and loss of life.

There are three types of plate movements that can cause earthquakes. Lateral, convergent, and divergent.

Transform boundaries are seen in earthquakes that are caused by normal faults. Some types of faults are listric or ring faults.

There has been been many types of earthquakes in jamica

different types of earthquakes are tectonic, volcanic, and collapse earthquakes.

The three other types of destructions that are associated with earthquakes are: 1) Tsunamis 2) Landslides 3) Fires.

Deep earthquakes are associated with subduction zones.

Earthquakes occur at all three types of plate boundary.

There are three types of stress tension, compression, and shearing they all cause earthquakes.

Some evidence that Earth's crust has moved is all the earthquakes that have been happening lately.

i think some people do and some not scare of earthquakes

seismologist: one who studies earthquakes. they use seismographs.

Actually no advantage from earthquaks because the earth are starts some types of vibrations Inside the earth but the vibrations particals moving two types one is parlal nd up and down its like waves,this type earthquakes very danger..

Some effects of earthquakes are shaking, liquefaction, aftershocks, and tsunamis.

scientists can some times predict earthquakes

Yes, There are some earthquakes that did occur (happen)

There are several types of scientists in the world. A seismologist studies earthquakes, how they occur, where they occur, and why they occur.

Earthquakes and volcanoes! Also earthquakes can in turn cause tsunami.

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