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"scream" with Janet Jackson


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It was a song written for him to sing.

Yes Michael Jackson Sing The Song Smile That Is His Fav Song RIP Michael Jackson I love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The song that made Michael Jackson famous is "Thriller" released in 1982.

no no no no no no! Michael did.

The song was featuring Michael Jackson, The song was actually Rockwells song, Berry Gordy's son.

Yes, he performed the song Smile.

there is no song that the Jackson brothers record without Michael . because Michael Jackson is the only one who can sing perfectly and he's the leader in the group

he didn't sing the original song but he did a version of it when he was in the Jackson 5

Michael Jackson sang with Mick jagger on a song named "State of Shock". It is available on "Michael jackson: The Ultimate Collection". Its a good song!

Hold My Hand is a song by Akon featuring Michael.

No he never made a song with that name.

Michael featured on Akon's song called Hold My Hand.

Maybe you're thinking of Michael Jackson and paul McCartney. They sing "say say say" "the man" and "the girl is mine"???

He sing don't stop til you get enough and does the famous kick Michael Jackson always does

He never sang with anyone with that name.

Michael Jackson is still the best and good to sing with someone in his songs

The 10-year-old Michael Jackson sang Smokey Robinson's "Who's Loving You?"

No, none of his songs are called Holiday.

No. He did not. The song was a cover of a 1980's song by Rockwell. Michael Jackson sang backup to the original. You can download the remake at

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