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The Jonas brothers have been around a while, thus, having many songs. Here are some to name a few:

  1. "Burnin' Up"
  2. "S.O.S."
  3. "Hold On"
  4. "Mandy"
  5. "Year 3000"
  6. "Video Girl"
  7. "Sorry"
  8. "Time For Me To Fly"
  9. "I Wanna Be Like You"
  10. "Got Me Goin' Crazy"
  11. "Shelf"
  12. "BB Good"
  13. "One Man Show"
  14. "Games"
  15. "Can't Have You"
  16. "Pushin' Me Away"
  17. "LoveBug"
  18. "Tonight"
  19. "A Little Bit Longer"
  20. "Goodnight and Goodbye"
  21. "Take a Breath"
  22. "L.A. Baby"
  23. "Kids Of The Future"
  24. "Hollywood"
  25. "We Got The Party" (ft. Hannah Montana)
  26. "Inspearable"
  27. "That's Just The Way We Roll"
  28. "Hello Beautiful"
  29. "When You Look Me In The Eyes"
  30. "Just Friends"
  31. "Still In Love With You"
  32. "Austrailia"
  33. "One Day At A Time"
  34. "I Will Be The Light"
  35. "Paranoid"
  36. "On The Line" (Sung by Demi Lovato, ft. Jonas Brothers)
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What was the second song that the Jonas brothers sung?

Their second song is called "MANDY"!

Do the Jonas Brothers speak Japanese?

No, they can not speak Japanese. The song Infatuation was sung by a Japanese band that had similar voices to the Jonas brothers, but was not the Jonas Brothers themselves.

Who sang Love Bug?

Love bug has been sung by Jonas Brothers and another song called love bug has been sung by Selena Gomezwoooooh! Go Jonas Brothers!! Yes, the Jonas Brothers sang the better known song called Love Bug.

Is the song 'one slow-dance' sung by 'jonas brothers'?


What song did Hannah Montana sing with the Jonas Brothers?

Hannah Monatanna ( Miley Cyrus :P ) sung 'we got the party with us' with the Jonas Bros.

What are the lyrcis to you are what you are by the Jonas Brothers?

Do you mean the song "I Am What I Am"? Cause you are what you are is not a Jonas Brothers song

Are the Jonas Brothers on or sung on Smallville?

No - the Jonas Brothers have not been on "Smallville" in any way, shape or form.

What is the best song the Jonas brothers ever sung?

mine fave is what I'm listening to right now take a breath

You are what you are Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers don't have a song called "You are what you are."

What was the second Jonas Brothers song?

The second Jonas brothers song was "I am what i am" which is on their first album, "its about time".

What was the Jonas Brothers first ever song?

The Jonas Brothers first ever song was SOS

What is the song inseperable by the Jonas Brothers about?

The song inseperable by the Jonas Brothers is about a girl who has to travel far away from them .. The song inseperable by the Jonas Brothers is about a girl who has to travel far away from them ..

What is the fifth song on Jonas Brothers CD?

the fifth song on the Jonas Brothers CD is "Hello Beautiful".

What is Demi Lovato's favorite Jonas Brothers song?

---- Demi's favorite Jonas Brothers song: ---- Hollywood

Inseparable by the Jonas Brothers?

its song from the second album called the Jonas brothers

Who was the person the Jonas Brothers wrote the song eternity for?

The song 'Eternity' was written by the Jonas Brothers after the loss of their Grandmother.

What is the 5th song on Jonas Brothers new album?

On the Amazing Jonas Brothers Cd the 1st song is S.O.S!!

When was Tonight - Jonas Brothers song - created?

Tonight - Jonas Brothers song - was created in 2007.

What is Nick Jonas favorite song from the Jonas brothers?

== ==

Joe Jonas' favorite song by the Jonas brothers?

SORRY is the song

Nick Jonas favorite song by Jonas brothers?

his favorite song is lovebug

What band were the Jonas Brothers parents in?

They weren't in a band.They sung on broadway.

Who Was Crazy Kind Of Crush Sung With?

its only the Jonas brothers. obviously.

Is time for you to fly the first song the Jonas brothers wrote together?

No "Time For Me To Fly" is not the first song the Jonas Brothers wrote together, "Please Be Mine" Is the first song the Jonas Brothers wrote together.

Jonas Brothers SOS do you like it?

i love any song written by the Jonas brothers