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Info found on the chat board: It is Amazing Grace (even though it doesn't sound like it!). You can find it on Aaron's NEW (not the old one, Soulful Christmas) Christmas CD "A Christmas Prayer." It's on his new CD Gospel Roots as well. It is also on some of his other CD's. There are a few versions of it out there in recorded land. The song is "Amazing Grace." There had been previous rumors that the song would not be used due to permission requests on such short notice, but I assure you that the sound clip in the Red Cross commercial is the intro to Aaron Neville's rendition of Amazing Grace. FYI--If you are going to download the song, make sure it is the version of only Aaron Neville, not the version that he sang with Linda Ronstadt. The American Red Cross commercial that was featured after Hurrican Katrina plays Aaron Neville's rendition of Amazing Grace.

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Q: What song is Aaron Neville singing in the Red Cross commercial?
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