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You can mostly sing any song you want, but make sure you mix it up enough to make it your own. Otherwise you've essentially turned into a cover artist. Some songs will have a less than spectacular transition to a man(or woman) and guitar setting, so be careful of choice.

If you are looking for some suggestions:

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel -- Pretty much the easiest song in the world to play, it has only 4 chords: G Em C D and sounds perfectly fine with no music apart from the guitar and vocal line.

Joey - Concrete Blonde -- Actually the same chords as Aeroplane, this one is a little more difficult to sing, but if you master the chords and general rhythm/structure, it should become second nature so you can focus on singing.

El Scorcho - Weezer -- Easy to sing, easy to play, if you change the arpeggios in the chorus to power chords its even easier and sounds fine with just those.

House of the Rising Sun - The Animals -- Very easy to sing and if you change the ascending strum patterns into chords by simply playing all of the notes together it becomes as easy as Aeroplane or Joey.

If You're Into It - Flight of the Concords -- If you want to go for funny, this has a very simple vocal line and alternates between 2 chords, C and Am.

Virtually, any Johnny Cash or Bob Dylan song is relatively simple guitar chords and easy melodies.

If you're feeling bold you could try some later Clapton, such as Tears In Heaven which is more difficult on guitar but still very easy to sing.

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