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Coco Chanel had a brief stint as a cabaret singer. She could only sing two songs. They were "Ko ko ri Ko" and "quiqu a vu Coco?".

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Q: What songs did Coco Chanel sing?
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Where did Coco Chanel get the name Chanel?

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel- Chanel, is her birth surname but her nickname, "Coco" is what some say that the name comes from one of the songs she used to sing, and Chanel herself said that it was a "shortened version of coquette, the French word for 'kept woman," according to an article in The Atlantic.

Where did Coco Chanel get the name of Coco?

In many of her songs during her singing career, she had the words Coco in it. so as some say, her name derived from her song and thus Coco Chanel

Why did Coco Chanel change her name?

Coco Chanel's full name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. She received the name Coco when she became an actress. It is thought to have come from two songs, "Ko Ko Ri Ko," and "Qui qu'a vu Coco."

What are coco chanel's real parent's names?

Albert Chanel (Coco Chanel's father) and Eug'enie "Jeanne" Devole (Coco Chanel's mother).

How did Coco Chanel take on the name coco?

Gabrielle Chanel, in her youth, would frequent raucous parties, during which she would be urged to sing her signature tune, a popular song called "Coco." This became her nickname. Chanel had a keen eye and ear for the succinct and memorable. Coco was a better name for a brand (she, in fact, grew to see herself as a brand) than was Gabrielle.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Life of Coco Chanel - 2012?

The cast of The Life of Coco Chanel - 2012 includes: Kokia Benett as Young Coco Chanel Kelly Lovell as Coco Chanel

What height was Coco Chanel?

Coco Chanel was 5'2" tall.

Did Coco Chanel have any pets?


What is Coco Chanel's occupation?

Coco Chanel is a/an Milliner,dressmaker,fashion designer

When is Coco Chanel's birthday?

Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883

When was Coco Chanel born?

Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883

What is the real name of coco chanel?

Coco Chanel's real name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

What is the birth name of Coco Chanel?

Coco Chanel's birth name is Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

Who is adrianne chanel?

Adrienne Chanel is the niece of Coco Chanel, the famous fashion designer. Coco Chanel is also famous for the perfume Chanel.

What are the names of Coco Chanel's children?

Coco Chanel did not have any children.

Where did Coco Chanel work?

Coco Chanel worked as a fashion designer.

Who worked with Coco Chanel?

to my knowledge coco chanel worked alone .

Did Coco Chanel have any husband's?

no coco chanel had no kids or a husband

What is Coco Chanel's birthday?

Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883.

Who played coco chanel's lover in the movie coco chanel?

Anna Mouglalis

What is Coco Chanel's birthday?

Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883.

When was Coco Chanel - film - created?

Coco Chanel - film - was created in 2008.

What happened to Coco Chanel's sisters Antoinette?

you answer thats why i asked.what happend to coco chanel nephew.

Did Coco Chanel have a pet?

Yes Coco Chanel had a pet dog once. Coco Chanel is most known for creating the iconic fashion brand, Chanel.

What was the exact date Coco Chanel introduced Chanel 5 and why that date?

what was the exact date that coco Chanel introduced chanel 5 and why that date