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Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel (1883 – 1971) was a pioneering French fashion designer who founded the famous fashion brand Chanel. She was an important figure in the 20th century fashion with her modernist philosophy, menswear-inspired fashion and pursuit for expensive simplicity.

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Coco Chanel

What are the duties and responsibilities of a salesman?

It is the duty of a salesman to be hardworking and honest.

Its the passion one is expected to put into his task that would determine the success of sales. The better you make efforts, the better the outcomes would accrue from that. If you do something amazing and you believe in it, everything you do is marketing. If you build crap and you know it's crap, then marketing is sleight of hand that you hope to pull on the unsuspecting. You might score twenty bucks by stealing my wallet, but you're not going to gain a customer for life. Also augmenting your marketing approach with promotional products would add a vigor to your marketing campaign.

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Buy Chanel No 5 made in Paris?

I know that JCpenny used to carry it-they probably still do.

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Is chanel serial number 10218184 real?

Is this serial number is real?

Coco Chanel

What age was Coco Chanel when her mother died?

she was 9

Coco Chanel

What made Coco Chanel a leader?

During times of inequality Coco Chanel was a role model for women to look up to. She dismissed the the highly uncomfortable rigid corsett for more sexy and comfortable clothing. She even dared to wear pants. Her true leadership started early on ....born poor she often would "create her own reality " she dreamed and inviosined herself where she would like to be there and through hard work and perserverance she made her imagined realities so. She proved if you can dream it , you can do it!

Coco Chanel

Where to find Chanel No 5 perfume?

Chanel #5 perfume can be purchased in most major department stores, in the Perfume selection. For example Morstorm,Macy's, Dillard's just to name a few

Coco Chanel

When did Coco Chanel release her first perfume?


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How do you pronounce Chanel?


Listen to the correct pronunciation of Chanel

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How did Coco Chanel die?

Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel died at the age of 87 from a heart attack in her hotel room in the Ritz Hotel.

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What is the 22k gold price today in sri lanka?


Coco Chanel

Who is chanel is competitor?


louis vuitton

dolce and gabbana

Coco Chanel

How did Chanel get the nickname of Coco?

Gabrielle Chanel got her nickname 'Coco' when she was a cabaret singer at a music hall called 'La Rotonde' in 1905. the nickname came from the song 'Qui qu'a vu Coco dans le trocadero'.

Coco Chanel

Who is philippe guiborge?

If I have got the right name, he was the man who carried on the brand "Chanel" after Coco Chanel died.

Coco Chanel

Where was Coco Chanel's 1st fashion show at?

his first fashion show was at mc donalds

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How can you convince people including your lawyer that your ex is a pathological liar and a sociopath when everyone thinks he is a great person?

Do what I did - DOCUMENT EVERYTHING - get a journal, and every time you speak, or see the offender, write the date and everything that happened - even if it seems irrelevent or unimportant. Tape record phone conversations or meetings with the person. Get witnesses to events - and have them write what they saw, sign and date it. Call the police or talk to someone in victims services and inform them of the situation - and ask them to note it officially. If children are involved, call social services and inform them of the situation and situations encountered. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR - he/she will also document your conversation in your medical file which can be used in court if you so chose. MOst importantly - you need to develop a history of the behaviour and document it with various sources. And on a more pesonal note - everyone's true colors show through eventually...if you've caught onto the persons behaviour, others will too. Good Luck.


There is a book that is written largely for the issue you speak of:

Stop Walking on Eggshells; Coping When Someone You Care about Has Borderline Personality Disorder

Authors: Paul Mason, Randi Kreger

Best of luck!

Short of tape recording them or having a witness the next time you get into one of their headache-inducing conversations, not much. But I do agree with the last post.

The same way an attorney wins a case, by presenting a preponderance of substantiating evidence to prove the claim(s).

Coco Chanel

Who was Coco Chanel's first husband?

She never got married

Coco Chanel

What were Coco Chanel's siblings age?

Her parents married in 1883. She had five siblings: two sisters, Julie (1882-1913) and Antoinette (born 1887) and three brothers, Alphonse (born 1885), Lucien (born 1889) and Augustin (born and died 1891).

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What is nata de coco and how is it made?

Nata de Coco is a chewy, translucent, jelly-like substance produced by the bacterial fermentation of coconut water. It is mixed in one of the most popular refreshment, the halo-halo, with other stuffs like red beans, macapuno, sweetened bananas and sweet potatoes, ube and leche flan. More information visit Katrins Foods website - Producer of Quality Processed Bottled Kaong and Nata de Coco

Coco Chanel

How did Coco Chanel's mom died?

Her mom died of a sickness or got very ill.We are not sure.

Coco Chanel

Did Coco Chanel make menswear?

no coco Chanel didn't make menswear. all she mad was woman things like cloths and shoes. she was a big designer in the 1930s she made a lot her things in that time. she is going to bring out menswear soon. i hope that helped you guys :)

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Did Coco Chanel ever divorce Balsan?

some doctor du !)

Coco Chanel

How did the world react when Coco Chanel died?

they were so sad she was 87

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What is the name of the song playing in the Chanel commercial?

hey its Joss Stone singing Nat King Cole's song "L-O-V-E" ciao!

Coco Chanel

Who is jeanne devolle?

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanels mother.

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What Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel became famous for?

Chanel was famous for her clothing, and perfumes around th 1920s. She was the first to use her own name as the brand for her perfume. Chanel No. 5 was her first 5 was her favorite number, and Chanel is obviously her name.


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