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Uric acid. Some men (and some women, but it's more prevalent in men) can have gout and if not treated the acid can cause liver and kidney disease.

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Does eating mushrooms cause fungus to grow in you?

No, your stomach acid will kill that sort of thing.

How do you kill the bad bacteria in your stomach?

Your body will sort this out naturally.

What sort of acid is in a car battery?

Sulfuric Acid

Is diet soda an acid?

diet soda is not an acid but does have some sort of acid in it.

How does chlorine kill algae?

Chlorine kills bacteria and other single-celled algae by a chemical action called oxidation, which is sort of like burning by acid.

How much sperm in one man's body?

wat sort of question is that!!!! sicko! itdot! wat sort of question is that!!!! sicko! itdot!

Is guanine classified as an amino acid?

No. It is a purine base, not any sort of acid.

Does being bulimic ruin your teeth?

yes. you are throwing up acid, the acid eats away at your teeth. Your body also is not getting enough nutrients to maintain your teeth in any sort of healthy way.

Can too much pain kill you?

Um... well i think it can depends on the sort of pain your talking about. Because... if you have lots of wounds and cuts on your body you might aswell die of blood loss. But i think you can but im not sure. Rena.R ~

What causes a brown smelly discharge?

Definitely an infection of some sort, the discharge is the body trying to kill it off b/c it does not belong in it

What sort of pigs do they kill for food?

People kill domestic pigs for food.

Can you use glacial acetic acid in formula calling for 3 percent acetic acid?

Sort of. Glacial acetic acid is an archaic/traditional term meaning acetic acid with no water... it's much, much stronger than 3%, so you'd need to dilute it with water first, but after diluting it by a factor of 30 or so you'll essentially have 3% acetic acid.

Is reaction with acid physical or chemical change?

Any sort of reaction with acid is a chemical change.

What are lipids composed of?

some sort of fatty acid arrangement

Sulphuric acid plus potassium hydroxide?

A sort of salt

Do lead acid batteries contain platinum?

No. They contain lead and acid, and are enclosed in a can of some sort of rubber or plastic that the acid won't completely destroy.

Is it possible to kill a virus?

A Virus can be killed, if you think of it as being living, it's sort of the living dead, it lives by leeching onto other host cells. If there is a virus on a tabletop, bleach will kill it. If you have a virus in your body, your body is able to eventually kill it through persistance with the symptoms.. but the reason that viruses can't be "cured" is because they change, mutate, all the time. i

Can you acid wash your pool without draining?

You probably can but you would have to neutralize the exes acid after you were done with some sort of base

Why was the first gun invented?

To kill and it was believed that it was a sort of protection

What would be a large lump inside Virgina sort of numb feeling not sore?

It can be yeast. Sometimes when the body has a yeast infection and there is too much yeast, the body stores it.

What do farmers put in the soil if it has too strong acid or alkalis in it?

i belive it is some sort of lime i belive it is some sort of lime

How are sloths body shapes?

A sloths body is a sort of oval shape

How is your body related to science?

We have cells and sort of scienctific contents in our body .

What does acid carbonate gives this sort of reaction?

Some thing beginging with E

What happens to meat put in hydrochloric acid?

it depends on what sort of meat and how old it is.