What sort of adapter do you need to use a small headphone on your stereo?


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You'll need a standard-to-mini adapter, which you can buy at any audio store for only a few dollars.

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You need to buy an mp3 player and get a cassette adapter for your headphone jack. If you have a cassette in the car.

You'll need to get a stereo male headphone jack to stereo RCA adapter. You can get these at Radioshack. Then just plug one side of the adaptor into the headphone plug on the MP3 player and the other end into the back of the mixer on one of the line channels (not phono). -DJ Craig

It could refer to the charger or the headphone connector. You may need an adapter to mate the connector to the device.

i need an 8th inch to usb adapter with a full sized USB with a single headphone jack plugin

There isn't one. If you wand an AUX input, you need to buy an adapter or an aftermarket stereo. There isn't one. If you wand an AUX input, you need to buy an adapter or an aftermarket stereo.

Yes. You will a good set of powered speakers as there's a lot of bass in the microkorg output. (Consider using your hifi to get a better result) You will need an adapter cable as most PC speakers have a 3.5mm stereo input jack, while the microKorg has a stereo 1/4 headphone jack and a pair of 1/4 mono jacks for left and right line output. Options are: 1: Get a stereo 3.5mm jack to stereo 1/4 jack adapter and use the headphone output on the microkorg. 2: Get a 3.5mm stereo to dual phono adapter cable and then a pair of phono to 1/4 mono jack adapters. Remember to turn all the volume controls down before you switch on/off!

You will need a 3.5mm Audio Earphone Headphone Microphone Adapter for Apple iPhone 3G to plug in your headphones.

Yes. What you need is a simple 1/8 inch stereo headphone splitter. They are available as a small plastic fob, or in a "Y" cable configuration. A perfectly good example of either can be bought at someplace like Radio Shack for under $5.

yes the s9 can be used with a pc, you will need a vista complient bluetooth adapter though and the bluetooth software that comes with the adapter is used to provide stereo sound(will not work without the adapter driver like most devices will). hope this helps.

In most cases, no. A stereo will generally need a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 1/4" headphone jack, a SPDIF digital output, or an optical output. However, some newer systems do have a way to be plugged in through USB, and you can also buy adapters that plug into a USB slot and provide a 3.5mm headphone jack for a speaker to plug into.

Technically, yes. However, a headphone jack does not provide a great deal of power, so you would probably need an amplifier for the sound output to actually be audible.

go to a stereo shop or auto zone and buy an adapter kit. it will make your job so much easerier and thay are relitively cheap. all you need is the make,modle and year of your car and the make of your stereo. they cost about $15.00-$20.00 go to a stereo shop or auto zone and buy an adapter kit. it will make your job so much easerier and thay are relitively cheap. all you need is the make,modle and year of your car and the make of your stereo.

No, you'll need to buy an adapter which plugs into the aux input on the back of the radio.

There is a 1/4" headphone port located at the back of the PSR-295; plug your headphones into that and the audio is transferred to the headphone instead of the speakers. If your headphones use a 1/8" plug, you'll need an adapter.

You need a set with either a 3.5mm stereo minijack or you need to get an adapter with a male 3.5mm jack and a full sized female jack.

You don't really need a radio wiring diagram just go to walmart and get a adapter converter kit for about 14.00 : - )

According to Alesis the DM6 has:Inputs: 1/8" stereo mix-in, 25-pin D-sub for cable snakeOutputs: 1/8" stereo master, 1/8" headphoneSo a 1/8" stereo to whatever you amp wants.

Connect the green 1/8" stereo cable out of the T6160 to the audio output of the TV. If your TV has a headphone or 1/8" line output, you can use that jack. Otherwise, you will need a RCA adapter. Since you TV won't have a surround output jacks, you will only be able to use the front speakers and subwoofer.

You need to get a stereo 3.5mm minijack to rca jack cable.It has a small single jack on one end and two rca jacks on the other.It's called a Y cable on websites.You can get one for less than 10 dollars.

There are three ways to use your Bluetooth cell phone with your car stereo: 1.a universal Bluetooth kit that works in any car 2.a stereo-specific adapter that connects to a Bluetooth ready stereo 3.a stereo with built-in Bluetooth capability You'll need a cell phone with Bluetooth capability. Fortunately, most of today's phones offer this.

You need a DIN removal tool, found at any auto parts store. While you're there, you'll also need a wire harness for the new stereo, possibly an adapter kit, some butt connectors and maybe a krimper. Expect to spend close to $40 for these items. Connecting the wire harness to the stereo is as easy as color matching. Slide the stereo sleeve into place, connect the harness and slide the stereo in.

Yes! you need to use a power adapter as well a plug adapter in Egypt from the UK.

Depends. Do you have the stock radio now? And if it is the stock radio - is it the Bose stereo? If it is the Bose system - you will need a special adapter to fit an aftermarket radio to a Bose speaker and amplifier system. Around $50.00 bucks or so and allows you to adjust the signal from the aftermarket stereo to work with the Bose speakers and amp. That is in addition to the regular harness adapter (~$15.) and the antenna adapter as well ~$7. All this if the stock Bose speakers and amp are to be kept stock. If NOT the Bose system it is easier, just the harness adapter and antenna adapter. This is not including in either case the DIN adapter that will allow a typical aftermarket unit to fit in a Mazda dash. I have done it myself, with a Bose system, Do Not Let the Best Buy People tell you it cannot be done !

I want to buy a USB serial adapter for my small business which could likely be the answer to my problems but I need to find out if there are different versions.

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