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The primary advantage that digital cable offers over regular cable is the ability to record television shows and watch them at a later time. Another advantage is the freedom to see all current and upcoming shows (up to 48 hours forward or so) on all channels at will, as opposed to having to watch the guide channel on standard cable.

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Q: What sort of advantages does digital cable offer over regular cable television?
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What is the difference with digital cable versus regular cable?

Analog cable, or "regular" cable versus Digital cable, the difference can be seen when you put two televisions side by side with one using analog cable and one using digital cable. Through this, you will see that digital cable television picture quality is much better in comparison to the analog cable. To put it simply, digital cable provides a better picture.

What is the difference between digital cable TV and regular cable TV?

The difference between digital cable TV and regular cable TV is the quality of the video stream that is being presented on the TV screen. A digital cable will provide a better quality picture, usually with a larger framerate and bitrate and as such these will look better on a larger TV.

What are the advantages of having satellite tv?

One advantage of satellite television is that more channels are available than on regular cable. Some say that the picture is more clear and that it can be less expensive than digital cable.

Can you connect a high definition tv to regular digital cable?

You'll need a new converter box from your cable provider.

What is better about digital TV reception in comparison to regular cable reception?

Digital TV offers a much higher resolution and hence a better picture quality than cable TV. Also as it is a digital signal it is possible to include much better quality audio.

What are the advantages of satellite television compared to regular cable?

The only advantage that satellite internet has over cable, is that in certain locations where cable is unavailable, usually satellite will provide television services.

Which TVs natively support digital cable?

All digital TV's will natively support digital cable, but most CRT TV's will not.

Do you need a high definition TV if you have digital cable?

No. Your SD digital cable box will output Standard definition to your analog tv. If you do not have a cable box but have digital cable direct into your tv then you need a digital tuner. This does not need to be HD for Standard definition. If you do have a HD digital cable box then Yes you need a HD tv to view the HD channels.

What is the purpose of an IO digital cable?

IO digital cable is not an AV cable, but it is the former name of digital cable television now called Optimum TV. It is a service offered by Cablevision in the New York vicinity.

Do old TVs get digital cable?

Older TV can receive digital cable although they may not display in HD

Can you have one TV with digital cable and other TVs with basic cable?

Yes and depending on your television (if it is digital or not) after 2009 as well

Do I need cable to watch t.v. in this area ?

Living in Los Angeles, you will not have to sign up for cable. You can get a digital converter box and a regular tv antenna and you will get enough channels.

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