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Paramedics training in most states of USA is based on reviewing the entire EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course ... After EMT has been reviewed and passed by the student whom is already an EMT at time of Paramedic Classes ... The review is just a starting point to refresh the students so that when the class continues on where a large amount of class and in the field requires a paramedic to combine the skills in EMT with his Paramedic to efficiently perform his/her duties ...

I myself is only an EMT but I have audited the Paramedic classes a few times to get a little feel of it ... The extra skills the Paramedic Classes teach in most states is how to read a 3 Lead cardiogram, plus knowledge of cardiac drugs and other drugs as well and to properly administer them thru IV (Intravenous Vein) most cases... They also learn how to do a blood draw if it is requested by hospital or is a protocol defined by the individual state he/she is licensed in ... Also have various drugs on board that helps in emergency diabetic situation as well as cardiac or respiratory arrest (CPR Work)

I know my answer is detailed and I hope you get what you are looking for here ... Remember check your state for specifics as I gave the general skills ... Some states are stricter than others in protocols and what medicines are allowed on ambulances and so on so forth...

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Q: What sort of first aid do paramedics have?
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What do you call first Aid givers?

You call first aid givers First Aiders, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Medics.

Choosing first aid as a job?

I think that you mean Emergency Medical Service (EMS). It's basically first aid because you are the first medical treatment at a scene. It includes EMTs and Paramedics. The first aid stations at football games and such are usually EMTs or Paramedics that are volunteering.

How do you use the word first aid in a sentence?

first aid is very important. It can save your life.

Why do paramedics exist?

Paramedics exist because when it comes to first aid they are the first aid leaders.When it's somebody hurt they know what to do.And when it's first aid trainig they're perfect for this.And you can garantee that if you ever get hurt real bad you'll have a comfortable place in their car.

When do you need to perform first aid?

First aid is performed to sustain life, prevent further injury and to promote recovery. First aiders typically perform first aid when they are the first ones on scene or if they are assisting EMTs, Paramedics or Doctors.

What is the treatments and first aid for victim of percocet?

Call the poison control center or paramedics. Induce vomiting.

Why does victim lie in a left lateral lie for first aid?

so if you have to load him onto an ambulance he faces the paramedics

Defined first aid?

First Aid: The help or treatment that is given to a injured or sick person before being cared for by medical professionals (eg. paramedics, doctors, etc), or before being removed to hospital.

Who should know first aid?

First aid is a great skill for anybody to know, and will come in handy a lot. People who should ESPECIALLY know first aid would be the following-----Babysitters(Doctors and Nurses)Police officers should know a few basic first aid skillsPeople like paramedics are only trained in first aid, so they should also know.

What is the difference between a first responder and a paramedic?

Depending on the type of emergency (fire, shooting, etc) paramedics, firefighters, policemen, or other emergency service officers may be considered "first responders". Paramedics are only those who have been extensively trained in emergency medical and first aid care.

What do a police have to do?

To serve and protect life, help and provide assistance to people, respond to emergency calls, enforce the law, provide first aid until paramedics arrive.

How do you give stitches?

You have listed sewing and first aid as the categories. What sort of stitches are you talking about?

Why are paramedics called paramedics?

In medical terms "para" means secondary or accessory so Paramedic means first help.

What first aid is used in heartlands hospital?

First Aid is provided on scene, normally by paramedics, before transfer to the hospital. The A&E department at Heartlands operates as any other. Injuries to staff are dealt with using standard first aid protocols as they occur. Heartlands is currently researching, amongst other things, the treatment of whiplash injury and patterns of upper body injury in vehicle passengers.

What are the consequences of failing to follow emergency first aid?

DEATH!!!!!!!! ------------------------- Emergency first aid is usually required in an emergency situation when somebody's life is at risk. Failing to follow the first tenet of first aid (do not put yourself at risk) can result in serious injury or death to yourself. If first aid is not administered then the patient can suffer severe complications, worse injuries or death before the paramedics can get there. Also, in the workplace, a designated first aider who refuses to help somebody (unless it would be unsafe to do so) can be brought up on disciplinary or even legal charges for negligence.

In a rebus puzzle what is aid aid aid?

if the arrow point to the top aid: Aid (arrow pointing toward it) Aid Aid Answer: First Aid

Why do paramedics like being paramedics?

Paramedics like being paramedics because they want to help the people in an emergency situation.

What are the golden rules of first aid?

3 principles of first aid (in order) :Preserve life.Prevent further injuries.Promote recovery.Responsibilities of a first aider :Assess situation.Protect casualty.Identify injuries.Give appropriate treatment.Prevent cross-infection.Arrange removal to hospital.Remain with casualty.Report to paramedics (995/911)

What sort of Training will benefit you during this year?

CPR and first aid training would be a great place to start.

Are headache tablets used in first aid box?

It is Illegal to keep any medication in a first aid kit - mainly because the person that is in charge of the first aid kit in any company is usually just a First Aider and therefore not qualified to dispense medication, (only doctors, nurses and paramedics are qualified). This law is in place to prevent any medication to fall into a persons hands that may be allergic to the medication and if taken could go into anaphylactic shock.A first aid kit that's for personal use at home may contain medication.

How do paramedics save you?

The do a sequence of things. They first check for a response.

What is a sentence using paramedics?

The paramedics are here.

How are paramedics helpful in a crime scene?

They are called in to provide medical aid to either an officer in strugggle with the criminal or the victim if any injury occurs

What does EAR stand for in first aid?

what does e.a.r stand for in first aid' what does e.a.r stand for in first aid'

First aid treatment for electrocution?

what is the first aid treatment for electrocution? what is the first aid treatment for electrocution?