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Kelp is a plant (a sea-weed).

Like all plants it eats H2O and CO2.

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A seahorses food?

kelp is the food that the seahorses eat

What kind of animals from Antarctica eat kelp?

Kelp is a food source for marine animals.

What food does sea urchin eat?


What food does kelp eat?

Kelp is a seaweed, so it doesn't 'eat' but rather absorbs the nutrients it needs from the seawater in which it grows.

What do bull kelp eat?

Kelp makes its own food by the process of photosynthesis. They do not eat anything else. It absorbs sunlight through the water and makes its food that way.

What do Kelp crabs eat?

kelp crabs eat kelp

Do dolphins eat kelp?

dolphin's eat food such as angelfish, shrimp, octopus, turtle, squid, and kelp if they like it. But most dolphins are carnivores.

What does kelp need to live in the ocean?

I think kelp lives in the pacific ocean it needs food and water kelp needs shelter some kelp eat other animals

What eats kelp in the food web?

Sea Urchins eat kelp forests, but sea otters help the forest because they eat the sea urchins.

Does shrimp eat kelp?

Shrimp will occasionally eat kelp but they most survive on water algae. Shrimp are near the bottom of the food chain in the ocean.

In 203 AD what sort of food did they eat?

In 203 AD what sort of food did they eat ?

What do kelp forest creatures eat?

Kelp forest creatures eat kelp of course.

What type of food do leafy sea dragons eat?

seaweed and kelp

What is the food chain of the coral reef?

Phytoplankton and kelp are the producers of the reef. Zooplankton eat the Phytoplankton and abalone eat the kelp. Seastars eat the zooplankton and abalone. Tiger sharks eat abalone and seastar.

Do seals eat kelp?

Some seals are native to the Kelp Forest. The Kelp Forest has an overabundance of kelp growing underwater. Seals will eat the kelp.

How does a giant kelp eat?

kelp does not eat, it is a plant. it photosynthesises

What does bull kelp eat?

Bull Kelp is a type of plant, so it uses energy from the sun as food. This process is called photosynthesis.

What do kelp crab feed on?

kelp crabs eat periwinkles and kelp

Do crabs eat kelp?

Kelp Crabs do.

What organisms eat kelp?

Blue Whales and Baleen whales eat kelp.

What sort of food do they eat in China?

They eat Chinese!

What sort of food do they eat in India?

they eat popodoms

What sort of food do they eat in Dubai?

people food

What sort of food does Greeks eat?

Greek food.

Can you eat kelp?

Yes. All kelp is edible.