The Battle of Hastings

What sort of life did Harold have before the Battle of Hastings?


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No one really knows what sort of life Harold spent before he went to the Battle of Hastings


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AnswerHe had a very tried army, after a forced march, all the way from stamford bridge. Harold later, lost his life.

For a while, Harold was the Saxon King of Britain. But, he lost the Battle of Hastings, against the Norman invasion and also lost his life. British future was changed forever.

The lives of ordinary people were effected the most after the Battle of Hastings. Reform, new punishments for crimes and the recovering from the war made day to day life difficult for most.

Life got worse in 1066 because the battle of hastings ruined everything.

Once William had won the Battle of Hastings, he came to England and made castles and introduced new rules.

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In 1066 King Edward the Confessor died and he left his throne to Harold Godwinson. However, previously Harold Godwinson was in a life threatning boat crash, when a french duke called William duke of Normandy, saved him. Harold Godwinson was so thankful he promised William duke of Normandy the throne was Edward the Confessor died. Although once King Edward the Confessor did die Harold Godwinson was crowned king as no one knew about his (broken) promise.Later on Harold found out that there were two other men who were expecting the crown to belong to them, thats when the battle of Hastings was declared.The first man was Harald Hardrada,he was a viking from Norway, his grandfather had previously been king so he thought he was entitled to the throne. So the start of the great battle began and Harold Godwinson killed Harald and the rest of his army.Then the second part of the battle was declared and Harold Godwinsons army were exhausted enough with out having to march hundreds of miles to the next war etween them and William duke of Normandy. But they got a head start when they got there by getting the very top of a hill. Williams army (the best in Europe) kept shooting but could not get anyone as it just goes up and over.William realised that his army were tired and were losing badly and decided to trick Harold. He walked of the other way so it looked clear to Harold that they had given up, so they followed them down the hill and thats when someone from Williams army shot Harold in the eye! William was so happy that he had won, but angry at Harold for breaking his promise. So the whole of Williams army gathered round him and cut him up into tiny pieces, while the rest of Harolds army fleed.Later on William was crowned king and renamed WILLAIM THE CONQUERER!

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err nothing did it has been estimated that three hundred thousand people died in the wake of the Norman conquest, that's one in five of the population.

I belive if you have good tactics and a good battle plan then you are a good leader and that's exactly what William had. Good tactics and a great mind in battle. Like the playing dead thing. AWSOME! I mean the dude's a riot!get a life chloeandjas

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After the battle of hastings saxon people were enslaved into what could only be called black slavery. they were also put through hell from William of Normandy e.g the harrying of the north were William got all live stock and weat etc and burnt it all. The battle of hastings had a great effect on the way the british lived, when William the congueror won the battle of hasting the french brought over many different rules that the engligh must follow for instance the french made engligh talk french, brought the laws and way of life over, the engligh found this hard to live with because of the french had such a different was of living to the English.

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