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Q: What sort of material do you need to use to detect the force?
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What sort of material do you need to use to detect the force of a magnet?

Anything magnetic and a metal object.

What sort of material do you need to detect a magnetic field?

metal iron paperclip anything that is magnetic

How it detects radiation?

The answer depends on what "IT" is and what sort of radiation it is meant to detect!

How are recycling materials sorted?

Some facilities sort by hand, others sort by machine. Most facilities sort by a combination of hand and machine. Many different types of machines are used at one facility. One machine may pass material through a port which determines sizes, another machine may combine material with water to separate bouyant materials from dense, another machine may detect shapes and colors, etc.

Do glaciers sort the material they transport?

No. Material that is directly deposited by glaciers, called till, is completely unsorted. However, some of the processes around glaciers, particularly streams from meltwater, can sort material.

What sort of material lets electricity through?


How do you sort materials by its physical characteristic?

it depends on what material's

Can radar detect?

Doppler radar is used to measure speed, not temperature.

What sort of hazardous gas detection options are available?

Well there is only one option and that is get a gas detector. Prices really vary on what brand and how many gasses it can detect. So thats about it you need to know

Force of electricity is measured in this?

The force of electricity is measured in volts (V).

Do slugs use their tentacles to smell?

Sort of ... it's not really smelling but they do detect chemicals in the air around them.

What sort of material is bison?

Bison is a herbiverous, free range animal