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A pipe cutter is the best tool to cut PVC pipe.

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Q: What sort of saw do you use to cut PVC pipe?
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What saw should you use to cut PVC pipe?

An ordinary cross cut saw like you use to cut wood does the job well.

When metal pipe is cut with a saw what is the uneven parts called on the end of the pipe where it has cut?


How do you cut pipe profile on a big pipe?

Depends on how big of a pipe. Up to 6 inches, I would use a chop saw or miter saw, but you may not have one. A hand saw will work and hopefully you would have enough ability to cut reasonable straight, but possible not. It takes some practice. You can measure from the factory end and make a series of marks around the pipe and a saber saw. This is on PVC. Cast iron, you use a cutter that more or less aligns itself. Steel, there is a cuter available or you can cut it with a torch. On PVC, unless you cut it at a severe angle, there is usually enough overlap on the fitting to allow for some minor errors. If you are going to be cutting enough to justify it, you can nail two 8 foot 2x4s together to form an L this will give you a straight edge to mark the pipe and a way to hold it. Rest the pipe in the inside angle of the L.

Are PVC pipes hard to cut through?

No, any kind of saw will cut through it. Hand or power.

How do you cut galvanized drainage pipe?

With a pipe cutter or cutting torch or a chop saw

What is a junior saw?

A junior saw is a saw that is used to cut PVC and metal. The blades for it come in different sizes depending on the material you are cutting.

How do you repair a leak on the pressure side of a pool pump?

Cut the PVC pipe at a convenient location near the bad fitting into the pump. Remove the fitting from the pump housing or discharge side of the pump. Thread in the proper size MIP to slip fitting, cut about a 4" to 6" piece of PVC pipe ( or long enough to seat into the Mip fitting and at the other end seat into a 90 elbow. The straight piece of pipe may have to be adjusted to fit into the 90 that comes from the other connecting pipe). You may glue these pieces together using the PVC cement primer prior to using the PVC cement. Connect your 90 onto these pieces you have just fit and glued being sure it lines up with the existing old pipe. cut about a 3 to 4" section of pipe and glue the 90 and the short pipe to the previous - making sure all pipes line up in direction and height. Cut another 4" or so pipe and glue into the remaining end of the 90. Add a PVC union to this newly built pipe- being sure you don't glue the separating parts of the union - now add a coupling to the old PVC and glue. Now cut to measure the remaining section of PVC pipe - being sure you allow for both ends of the PVC to seat properly. Glue as needed on both ends. Be sure to clean the burrs off the cut pipe sections. Inventory: 1 ea. 1.5" or 2" MIP X slip fitting 1 ea. 90 PVC S x S 1 ea. PVC union S x S 1 ea. PVC coupling S x S x x feet of PVC pipe hack saw glue primer By the time you pick up your tools and clean the area and have a beer, the job should be ready to start the pump. Prime the pump if needed. The union facilitates access if you need to take the pump apart in the future - you don't have to cut the pipe. Test for leaks. I also do not know the configuration of the piping so lengths of pipe are only estimates.

Repair crack in PVC pipe?

You have to determine how long the crack is and then cut out the bad section allowing for that which you can not see (hairline cracks). You will probably need the correct size pipe and connectors (couplings S x S) and PVC cement and PVC primer, a fine saw for cutting the pipe. Dry fit everything making sure the new section of pipe is of the correct length. There is a small situation in which you need the flexibility in the old plumbing to be able to attach the new section. You just have to think it thru. Ken

How to make a potato canon?

step 1Getting started Parts: -Two pieces of 2" PVC Pipe (any size) -One 2" Non-threaded PVC End Cap -One 2" PVC Valve (not threaded) -One Schrader valve (from an old bike tire) Tools: -A saw (to cut the PVC pipe to your desired length) -A drill with a drill bit that is about the same size as the schrader valve -PVC Primer and Cement Want the rest? check out the link below....

How do fabricate pipe saddle?

First step to fabricate pipe saddle is set the saw at 35 degrees. Get scrap pipe and set it on the saw then adjust the length to cut off do not cut in the center. Once the pipe is tight use a C clamp as a stop when the pipe is turned half rotation the clamp will be the same length as the cut been made.

What is a junior hack saw used for?

A junior hacksaw is used to cut metal & PVC/plastic pipes etc.

What tool can be used to cut an exhaust pipe?

A simple hack saw will get the job done.

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