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Q: What sound does a deer make?
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What is the sound of reindeer?

they make the same sound as a deer or horse

What sound does a white tailed deer make?

=== === === ===

What sound does a baby deer make?


Does a deer make a bell sound?


What does grunting mean?

it is the sound you make to call deer

What does a deer sound make?

males make a very low grunt as females make a quiet squeal-like sound

What sound deer makes?

they make sort of a grunting noise.

What is the sounds of deer?

sound of a deer

What is the sound or cry that a deer makes?

The sound or cry that a deer makes is strikingly similar to the cry of a baby. This sound is not heard often from a deer.

What is the opposite gender for deer?

May I make a reference to The Sound of Music? Yes? Okay.Doe, a deer, a female deer, Re, a drop of golden Sun...

What sound does a deer do?

they make a loud like shrieking sound and when sense danger they put tail up in air.

Does a female deer make a sound while in birth?

Yes a soft, weird noise

Does the word deer make the long e sound?

no same as peer or dear short i sound dir pir dir

What sound do you make to stop a deer with your on voice?

you can just yell depending on how far away it is and it will stop long enough for you to shoot. if you want to know how to sound like a deer the look it up on youtube or somthing because i have no idea how to spell out a deer noise.

How do a deer act?

it makes a sqeak sound to alert the other deer

Which animal sound is described as a bell?


Is sound of deer called bell?

No the sound of deer is called codula (cod-you-lar) it's a sort of high pitched and quite bark.

Does deer have a long e sound?

Not technically. You can hear the long E in words like deer and dear, but because of the R, it has a different vowel sound (the "ear" or ee-ur sound). This is called a caret I sound.

Gender of doe?

From the film The Sound Of Music, the song includes 'doe, a deer, a female deer'

When do deer repradose?

to make baby deer

What is the name of the sound a deer makes?

a grunting noise

What is the name of the movie a doe a deer?

The Sound of Music.

What are the examples of animals that hear infrasonic sound?


Is deer a short vowel e sound?


What is the name of the sound a Deer makes.?

a grunting noise