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Cotton is harvested from the bushes that grow it. It is a farm product.

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What is the Source of Cotton?

cotton is a source of clothing

What is the source of Cotton Mather's slaves' names?

What is the source of cotton ? What are the merits of cotton? What are the demerits of cotton?

What are the source of cotton?

The seed fibers of the cotton plant.

What is the source of cotton cloth?

It's made from the fibres of the cotton plant.

Why did southerners refer to their cotton crops as king cotton?

Because cotton was the Souths' primary source of income

Why did southerners refer to their cotton crop as king cotton?

Because the South depended on the cotton because it was their primary source of income .

What is the source of cotton fiber?

The source of the cotton fibre is the cotton plant which bears a seed pod which contains the cotton seed and the cotton fibre. This is a very ingenious packaging that nature has devised for the cotton seed. The seed is first wrapped in cotton fibre and then it is covered in a harder outer pod cover. It grows in places with high summer temperatures and humidity.

Why is cotton a renewable source?

You can always grow more.

Where is cotton for pajamas grown?

There are many places that grow cotton. For a specific garment you will have to check the tag for the source.

How did cotton gin help people?

it was a big source in the us

What is a primary source for cotton gin?

a primary source is like who was there to witness what ever you did so for the cotton gin they askin who saw Eli Whitney invent the cotton gin im only n the 7th grade to im smart i pay attention n class

What energy source power the cotton gin?

The cotton gin that was invented by Eli Whitney was man powered. You powered the machine by turning a crank located on the side of the machine.

Why is growing organic cotton in Benin a good idea?

cotton is Benin's main source of money and it also provides an income to more than two million producerd. :P

What liquid would put out a fire in a bale of cotton?

Gasoline. Because it will be absorbed into the cotton(unlike water or any other liquid). The "cold effect" that it casts will nullify the heat source(smoldering cotton) and thus put out the fire. Hope this helps.

What are the health benefits of canned smoked oysters in cotton seed oil?

The health benefits of canned smoked oysters in cotton seed oil is that it is a good source of protein and contains Omega-3 which is good for the heart. In addition, it is a good source of Branched Chain Amino Acids.

How did Europe not buying cotton hurt the south and war efforts?

Cotton was a main product of the South. When Europeans didn't buy the South's main source of money for the war was cut off.

What is gingham made of?


How is cotton harmful?

It isn't. Cotton is a good source of natural fibre for making clothes from, for instance. However, overexposure to raw cotton fibers can cause lung disease and even early death. It did just that in cotton mills of the 1800's, until the mill owners started putting proper employee protections in place.

Why did southerners want slavery?

The southern economy was largely based on cotton, and slavery provided a cheap source of labor

Why are cotton stoppers not to set down on the table after use?

They can easily be a source of contamination and must be thrown away or removed.

What type of product is cotton?

Cotton has a variety of types and grows in many climates and soils. Botanists have classified the plant as a shrub in its most common place of growth in cotton fields where the fibers of cotton are used for making clothing. The technical place of cotton is among the group called the Gossypium hirsutum which is in the larger family of plants classified as Malvacae. In everyday parlance the cotton plant can be called a plant that is of the type that is a source of fiber that provides cloth to be made into clothing.

Crops grown in red soil?

you can grow sugar cane , vegitables , even cotton provided you should have water source

How can you make foam insulation from common materials?

Cotton and aluminum foil, as long as it isn't going around a heat source.

What type of economy system did the Confederate states have?

Agricultural base. Raising and selling cotton was the main source of money for the South.

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