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IT doesnt matter as long as your good

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2008-05-15 18:40:14
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Q: What special training do you need in order to become a NBA player?
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Do I need any special training to become a wedding planner?

Special training is not required in order to become a wedding planner, but it is recommended. There are several places that can teach you the ins and outs of the job, as well as teach you tips for dealing with customers, business, and the like.

What special training is required to become a Probation Officer?

In order too become a probation officer you will need a bachelors degree in criminal justice. In most cases you will have too complete a special training program that can last up too 6 months.

Does it take special training to be able to operate a binding machine?

In order to operate a binding machine you do not need special training. It is pretty simple to operate.

What training is required to become a helicopter pilot?

In order to become a helicopter pilot you must get a license. In order to get a license you must have a certain amount of hours of training in a helicopter.

What do you have to do in order to be a soccer?

You don't have to go to a special college in order to become a professional soccer player. Join a team in your area, or join a club's youth training. Just practice alot, and do your best. Then, they will call you up to the first team. If you do really great, they might even take you in to your national team.

Have auto insurance specialists received special training?

Yes, auto insurance specialists receive special on the job training in order to perform their jobs correctly.

how would you become a house inspector?

In order to become a house inspector you must have training. A lot of insurance companies offer paid training.

What are good classes to take in order to become special teacher with major as special ed?

The best classes to take in order to become a special education teacher include early childhood education and child development classes.

Are there classes I have to take to become an EMT or a special school?

Yes, it is necessary to attend school in order to become an EMT. I am not sure where you are located, but you can research the options in your area. You can also try taking the training online at education-portal dot com.

How do you become a Special Forces Officer?

In order to become a Special Forces officer you must be a 1st Lieutenant promotable or a Captain already. Once you have attained either rank, you must volunteer for Special Forces training. The training starts with Phase I SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection) this phase is considered the thoughest one of many. If you get selected, you will continue on to the SFQC (Special Forces Qualification Course) and if you meet the standards for every phase ( a total of 5 phases) you will graduate as a Special Forces Captain and will be assigned to one of the 7 Special Forces Groups where you will have a chance to be the team leader for a SFODA (Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha)

How many driving experience days do I need to become a speed race driver?

I dont think your driving experience days qualify you to become a speed race car driver. First you would have to get special training in race car driving in order to become a professional race car driver.

How do you become a detective in special victims unit?

You need a bachelors from a University in Criminal Justice. In order to qualify as ANY detective you must have 5 years experience at least as a Patrol Officer. Then you can turn in a resume to special victims unit of a police station.AnswerTo become a special victims unit detective you need to go through seven months in academy training at a college that specializes in criminal justice and then you need to become a detective. Then enter the field of special victims unit.

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