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There are cats in Africa, but not the kind of cats you have, or imagine. The common cats that spring to mind are the big cats: Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs. However there are many medium-sized and even very small species of cat that are native to Africa:

Medium-sized cat:

African Golded Cat



Smaller-size cat:

African Wildcat

Black-Footed Cat (one of the smallest species of cat)

Sand Cat

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2016-08-28 20:44:50
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Q: What species of cats are in Africa?
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How many different species of big cats are there in Africa?

There are many different species of big cats in Africa. They are, the black-footed cat, African golden cat, cheetah, lion, leopard, several, African wildcat and the caracal.

Are cats native to New Jersey?

Housecats as we know them are native to Egypt.No, some cats are nationally from Africa and some from Canada. If youre lookin for a specific species then that might be from New Jersey but most cats are from Africa and Canada as I read about that in A cat book

Are there cats in Africa?

Lions, cheetahs etc etc are cats in Africa.

On what continent do most wild cats live?

Most wild cats are found all over the world, mostly on the continents of Europe, Africa and Asia.

Are there cats in Zimbabwe?

There are seven (7) cats species indigenous to Zimbabwe, these are:- Africa wild cat, Black foot cat, - only in the far south west Caracal, Cheetahs, Leopards, Lions, and Serval cats.

Are cats and dogs in the same species?

No. They are both different species. Dogs = canine: Cats = feline.

What are all of the big cats in Africa?

The big cats that are native to Africa are the Lion, Jaguar?? and Cheetah. However, there many other species of cat that range from medium-sized (Serval, Caracal) to very small-sized cats (Sand Cat, Black-Footed Cat, African Wildcat).The Jaguar is not native to Africa it is native to south America. In Africa there is the leopard (which is also yellow with black spots but is not the same animal at all)

Where can cats be found?

Cats can mostly be found in Africa.

What is a bigger species of cat?

Bigger species of cats are wild cats like lions, cheater's, tigers- try searching big cats.

Can dogs and cats have intercourse?

No, species do not procreate with other species. So cats only procreate with cats; dogs only procreate with dogs.

How many species of animals are endangered in Africa?

1,139 endangered species in Africa

How many species of domestic cats are there?

Domestic cats are one species. There are 53 different breeds.

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