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What specific date did Margaret Cochran die?

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There are a number of saints named Margaret. Please be specific.

Welker Cochran died in 1960.

Jacob Cochran died in 1836.

Wanda Cochran died in 2008.

Bert Cochran died in 1984.

Roy Cochran died in 1981.

Commodore Cochran died in 1969.

Joseph Cochran died in 1905.

Philip Cochran died on 1979-08-26.

June Cochran died on 2004-05-21.

Tom Cochran died on 2010-01-19.

Ernest Ford Cochran died in 1934.

Red Cochran died on 2004-09-05.

Alexander Smith Cochran died in 1929.

George Cochran Lambdin died in 1896.

James Cochran Stevenson died in 1905.

William Gemmell Cochran died in 1980.

Joan Embury Cochran died in 1995.

Gifford Cochran died on January 3, 1978.

Garrett Cochran died on 1918-07-08.

Goat Cochran died on 1947-05-23.

Jackie Lee Cochran died in 1998.

John Cochran Nicoll died in 1863.

William Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick died on 1933-09-26.

John J. Cochran died in 1947.

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