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a yellow and white striped spider

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What kind of spider has Yellow body red spikes?

A spider that has a yellow body and red spikes is called a Spinybacked Orbweaver spider. These spiders are commonly found in the state of Florida.

What kind of spider has a white body and black and white banded legs?

The kind of spider with a white body and black and white banded legs might be a crab spider. This could also be a wolf spider or a jumping spider depending on where you live in the world. There are over 40,000 species of spider.

What spider has a black and yellow stripped body and legs?

Garden spider, also called writing spider.

What kind of spider has a black smooth body with yellow and white spots on the back?

this sounds vaguely like an orb weaver. did it have a somewhat long / slender body?

What spider has a black body and a white butt?

A white tail spider fits the discription. Where do you live?

What kind of spider has a fat round yellow body with black spots?

A black spotted yellow spider that just ate a gumball.

What kind of spider has a brown body and a yellow triangle on its back?

The name of the spider is Phidippus Audux. It is a jumping spider.

What kind of spider has a yellow body with black dots The spider has black stripes on the legs nc usa?

Is it a smiley face crab spider? I usually go to www.bugguide.net for my bug questions. Just type yellow spider in the search and look through the pictures. Sounds like a garden spider. Non poisionous and has a zig zag white mark in its web.

What kind of spider has a spotted thorax yellow and black legs lives in Oklahoma and its eyes come off of its body?

The Orb-weaver spider is a fairly large garden spider found abundantly in Oklahoma. They can be identified by their black, white and yellow body and legs as well as the spiral or zipper-like arrangement of prey-catching threads in their webs.

What kind of spider has yellow and black legs with a black body with two yellow stripes?

Black and Yellow Garden Spider http://www.enature.com/fieldguides/detail.asp?recNum=IS0107

What type of black spider has vertical yellow stripes on body and orange rings on legs?

A black spider with yellow stripes is a garden orb spider. These are very common and not poisonous to humans.

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