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I think it's a orb weaver. Harmless.

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Facts about yellow spotted lizards?

*They have 2 rows of 11 yellow spot going down their back * There poison to us humans *They live in the desert *They have been used as one of the animals in the Book : Holes (very great book to read) *Skin color can be black or brown *They have a yellow belly

How can Spider-man smell from the mask even though there are no holes in the mask?

If you get a Spider-man Halloween costume, there are two small nasal holes for breathing. I bet the real Spider-man has holes as well.

How does the yellow spotted lizard relate to holes?

Well the yellow spotted lizard isnt real. They were Gilla Monsters with yellow paint. The yellow spotted lizard only existed in the movie holes.

What was the name of the tunnels or holes that the North Vietnamsese during the war?

The holes were spider holes. The soldiers who went into the holes to ferret out the enemy were called tunnel rats and in general had a short lifespan.

Do spiders makes round holes in the ground?

maybe depends on which spider

Does the yellow spotted lizard have yellow eyes?

no it has read eyes the one from the book holes that is

What spider has a large abdomen with four pin sized holes?

The cat-faced spider (Araneus gemmoides) may be described as having a large abdomen with four pin-sized holes.The spider is harmless. It is called cat-faced because of the patterning of the dimples, holes or indentations on its abdomen. The pattern often is interpreted as reminiscent of the eyes and ears of a cat.

Who is yellow with holes?

sponge- bob square-pants

What spider has tan and brown body with tan and brown stripes on legs the body is larger than a dime smaller than a quarter in NE Ohio?

Sounds like a standard garden spider to me -if you could capture it and take it to a pet store, they could probably ID it, and let you watch them feed it to something in their store... (USE a mayonnaise jar, with tiny holes in the lid)

What is the yellow spotted lizard?

The Yellow Spotted Lizard in the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar is fictional.

Is SpongeBob green?

no, spongebob is a yellow sponge with absorbent holes

Where do yellow spotted lizards live in the book Holes inside holes?

do you mean in what part of the holes? if that's what you meant i think they lived in the cool shadowed areas

What habitat do yellow spotted lizards live in?

yellow spotted lizards are bearded dragon with yellow spots painted on their back from the holes movie.

Size of a yellow spotted lizard?

In the book "holes" the yellow-spotted lizard is from six to ten inches long.

What animal eat yellow spotted lizards?

There is no such thing as yellow spotted lizards. It only exist in the book ' Holes'.

When do you get yellow soot in the burner flame?

Yellow soot is obtained when the holes of the burner are not clean. The combustion is incomplete. The yellow soot or yellow flame is because of unburnt carbon particles.

Where do the holes go for bellybutton piercings?

Depends on which you get. Your best bet is to google pics of belly button piercings.

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