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What sport best exercise?


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Soccer *****

Basketball ***

Tennis *

Baseball **

Swimming ***

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it is really fun and is good exercise

What does exercise slow casual and sport have in common

The best way to get in shape for a soccer midfielder is to exercise. Running exercises are best for this sport.

because participating in sport will get you some exercise, and exercise is good for you.

because your always standing and moving your whole body to do tricks or just to coast my opinion best sport and exercise ever.

The best exercises for children are ones that incorporate fun. You should try to find an exercise that is a sport.

Lots of money and exercise :)

track is the sport that gives you the most excersise.

no it is a vital warm up/down before and after you play sport

There is running and swimming. Swimming is known to be the best sport for the body.

Exercise, entertainment, competition

if you are ready for sport and doing things like a BMI to see if you can do sport

It would be the same as some sport or some exercise.

It sure can be a sport! It helps exercise your hands and fingers too!

Swimming is a good full body exercise sport.

Yes sport is great for you weather its for fun or exercise it always benefits you

Neither sport is naturally better or worse than the other. Both are enjoyable ways to get exercise and meet people. It all comes down to personal preference and ability which sport is best for which person.

people exercise by taking part in sport or just getting physically active

Yes, any sport or movement that works your body and can make you sweat is an exercise.

just for fun and to do some exercise

the use of sport is to gain burn fat and gain energy! also to get extra exercise (if you already exercise another way) good luck with your sports ;)

Sport is singular. Baseball is a sport. The sport of surfing. Be a good sport about it. Sports is plural I like to play sports. Sports are good exercise.

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