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Q: What stage of the rock cycle is Ayer's Rock?
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Is Ayers Rock an igneous rock?

No. Ayers Rock/Uluru is sedimentary rock.

What stage in the rock cycle is can every type of rock go through directly?

Melting is the stage every rock in the rock cycle can go through.

What is the largest red stone?

Ayers rock in Australia ayers rock in Australia ayers rock in Australia

What stage in the rock cycle is between metamorphic rock and igneous rock?


How are Stonehenge similar to ayers rock?

how are stonehenge similar to ayers rock?

Is ayers rock or mount Rushmore closest to the equator?

Ayers Rock

When was ayers rock built?

Ayers rock (Uluru) was not built (by man) is is a natural rock formation.

What rock tipe is ayers rock?

it is a sedimentary rock

In the rock cycle rocks are classified by their?

In the rock cycle, rocks are classified by their stage in the rock cycle as igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary; this is also their rock type and method of formation.

When was Ayers rock officially called Uluru?

The actual name of Ayers Rock is Uluru/Ayers Rock, the title it was officially given in 2002.

In which content is ayers rock?

Uluru or Ayers Rock is in the continent of Australia. It is near the town of Alice Springs, which is 450km away from Ayers Rock.

What is the continent of Ayers Rock?

Uluru, formerly Ayers Rock, is on the continent of Australia.

What is Ayers Rock really called?

The indigenous name for Ayers Rock is Uluru.

When was Ayers Rock resort built?

The first stage of Yulara, the resort at Ayers Rock, was begun in 1982. Yulara was gazetted as a Town in 1976, but the town wasn't begun for some years. In 1981, the accommodation at Ayers Rock was only independent motels and camping grounds.

Is Ayers Rock a mountain?

No. It is a massive rock.

Is ayers rock a sedimentary rock?


Was Ayers Rock an island?

No ... it's a rock.

What rock do you associate with Australia?

Ayers rock

What is the contonent of where Ayers Rock is located?

Australia. Ayers Rock is the biggest rock in the world and is located in the centre of Australia.

What is the first stage in the rock cycle?


Why is Ayers Rock called Ayers Rock?

Ayers Rock was named by explorer William Gosse after the former Premier of South Australia, Sir Henry Ayers. On 18 July 1873, he sighted Ayers Rock, recording that, "This rock is certainly the most wonderful natural feature I have ever seen".

In which country would you find Ayers Rock?

You find Ayers rock, or Uluru, in Australia.

Is ayers rock a pluton?

Yes, Ayers Rock is the single largest Pluton on earth.

What is Ayers Rock like today?

a big rock

What is the perimeter of Ayers Rock?

The perimeter, or circumference of Ayers Rock / Uluru is 9.4km, or 5.8 miles.