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The original objective of the Union in the civil war was to reunite the country. After the Emancipation Proclamation was made a reality in January 1863, the objective was to end slavery in the USA once and for all.

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What did the union believe in and stand for during the Civil War?

The Union side in the Civil War stood for preservation of the Union including all of the states, and opposing expansion of slavery. Later in the war the Union's goal was the end of slavery.

What did the Union stand for in the civil war?

The Union was the official name of the United States government during the civil war. It stood for the portion of the United States fighting to abolish slavery.

Did the Civil War save the union?

The fact that the Union won the Civil War saved the Union.

What was the name of the confederate and union Civil War?

The civil war was the name of the war?

Is it true that USA used to stand for union states of America?

No, it was just 'The Union' - the term for the states that had stayed loyal during the Civil War.

What happened at the end of the civil war to North Carolina?

They had to stand against the cavalry raid led by Union General in 1865 during the last stage of the Civil War in order "to Leave Nothing for the Rebellion to Stand Upon".

Who won in the Civil War?

union won the civil war

What does each letter stand for n the civil war?

The Civil War doesn't stand for anything.

What were the flags the Civil War?

the flags during the civil war were union and the confederate flagsthe flags during the civil war were union and the confederate flags

What was the union?

the union was the north in the civil war.

How many civil war battles did the union win?

The Union lost three battles in the civil war

Who was winning the beginning of the Civil War?

the union was winning the civil war

Who was the winner in the Civil War?

The winner of the civil war was The Union or the North

Who was the Union Army leader in the Civil War?

The leader of the Union Army in the Civil War was Ulysses S. Grant.

Was Minnesota a Confederate or Union State during the Civil War?

Minnesota was a Union State during the Civil War.

What were Lincolns beliefs about the union after the civil war?

After the Civil War Lincoln was without a doubt proud of the union for what they had done.

What was the wartime capital of the Union during the Civil war?

during the civil war washington D.c was the capital of the union

When was Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War created?

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War was created in 1881.

What does GAR stand for in relation to civil war graves?

Grand Army of the Republic(GAR) was a fraternal organization composed of veterans of the Union Army who had served in the American Civil War. The GAR was among the first organized interest groups in American politics. It was succeeded by the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW).

Who had the most soldiers in the Civil War?

Union had more soldiers in the war.

What was a Yankee in the Civil War?

A Yankee was a union solider during the civil war.

What was the north called in the Civil War?

In the civil war, the North was called the Union.

Who won the north and south Civil War?

The union won the civil war.

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