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The St. Louis Cardinals, a Baseball team, are at home in Missouri.

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Q: What state are the St. Louis Cardnials from?
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How many years did MarkMcGwire St. Louis Cardinals?

5 years with ST.LOUIS CARDNIALS and 11 years with Oakland Raiders

What was the Arizona team called before the cardinals?

The team got the nickname Cardinals in the 1900 season. Prior to that, the Cardinals were known as the Perfectos and, before that, the Brown Stockings.

What is the state of st. lous?

St. Louis is a City in the State of Missouri.

What is the capital St. Louis?

St Louis is not a nation, nor a state, therefore it has no capital.

Where is the East St. Louis Public Library in East St. Louis located?

The address of the East St. Louis Public Library is: 5300 State Street, East St Louis, 62203 1341

How far is michigan state university from St. Louis?

To St. Louis, Michigan: a little over 47 miles. To St. Louis, Missouri: about 413 miles

Is St. Louis west?

It is in the Midwest region of the US, but St. Louis itself is in the east of the state of Missouri.

When did saint Louis become a state?

I am from France and even I know St. Louis isn't a state

What state is saint louis in?

The best-known St Louis is in Missouri, but there are towns with that name in other states as well.

Where is St. Louis Rams state?

the rams state is in missuri

What state is StLouis in?

St. Louis is in the state of Missouri.

What state are the baseball cardnals from?

St. Louis