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The state the child is in.

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Q: What state do you file for temporary custody of your grandchild if your daughter agrees?
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How do you win grandchild custody?

If the parents are unfit or agree to you having them and the judge agrees to it. Grandparents have no automatic right to the grandchildren. If the parents are unfit and another relative also seeks custody they may have the same chance to get them. The judge would look at what would be most suitable for the child.

Can 2 grandmothers get joint costody of a grandchild?

They can if a court agrees to the proposed arrangement.

Can you live with your mom if your dad has custody?

Only if your father agrees to allow it.

Can a child see there biological parent if they don't have custody?

Only if the custodial parent agrees to it or if there is a court order for visitation.

In Texas can your mother keep you from moving in with your dad if you are 17?

If Mom has custody then she gets to decide where you live. You can move in with Dad if Mom agrees to it. Otherwise, Dad would have to petition for a change of custody.

What does truce mean?

A ceasefire or a temporary stoppage of any armed conflict, where each side agrees to suspend aggressive actions

Can a seventeen year old receiving child support get custody of the payments if moved out of guardians household and graduated?

If the parents and court agrees to it, yes.

Can I keep joint custody of my child when moving in with boyfriend when not yet divorced?

If the father agrees, then it's fine. If not, you'll need to involve lawyers.

Can a step-mother spank a child in Tennessee?

If the father has sole custody of a child, and agrees to let a step-mother spank his child then yes, she can. However, if there is joint custody it has to be an agreement between all parents, otherwise there can be legal repercussions.

Can you adopt your step daughter?

If the biological father relinquishes his parental rights and the court agrees and allows the adoption to proceed.

At what age can a child refuse visitation?

18, unless the custody agreement gives the child the ability to choose, or the visiting parent agrees to allow the child to skip.

May you keep joint custody of your child if you are not yet divorced and move in with your boyfriend?

If the father of the child agrees, then yes. If not, and you wish to contest, then you'll need to get lawyers involved.

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