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What state is the worlds largest river in?


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The worlds longest river, the Nile, is in Africa


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the largest river in volume is the amazon river

The worlds 10th largest river is the Lena river in Russia.

The largest river in the world is the amazon river

India is the world's largest country named after a river. [Indus river]

Africa because the Nile River is the largest river in the world!

Longest - yes, largest - no, the Amazon River in South America is.

The world's largest river system is not the Nile. It is the Amazon River.

Egypt has the worlds longest river, the Nile. It also contains part of the Sahara Desert, the world largest desert.

The Tennessee River is the largest that passes through the State. The Duck River is the largest river contained within the State

Mississippi River is the name of the state and the largest river in the USA.

The largest river in New York State is the Hudson river.

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the worlds largest rainforest is located in the Amazon which is also the largest river in the world.

PERCEPTION: Michigan is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. REALITY: Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River.

Yes. Its also the worlds 7th LARGEST river

The world's four largest rivers are.. 1. The Nile River 2. The Amazon River 3. The Yangtze River 4 The Ob- Irtysh

Rio Grande River Rio Grande River

The Congo River is the second largest river in the world by the measure of volume discharged. It is also the deepest river in the world. It is located in African continent.

While the world's longest river is the Nile at 6,693 km the worlds largest by far, by water volume, is the Amazon River in South America.

Think the word would either be wet or spectacular.

The shortest river in the world is located in Montana.

The world's largest and longest river is the Nile, which is located in Africa.

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