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Our Basketball team is the best because we are so awesome. -apex

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If you dont pass this test you wont go to collage

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your dumb as my guy

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Q: What statement contains an example of logical fallacy?
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What type of logical fallacy is this statement an example of?


What kind of logical fallacy does this passage contain Crime is out of control in this city I've spoken to two people in the last six months who had their houses burglarized we need more police?

Overgeneralization is the logical fallacy the statement contains.

This sentence contains an example of what type logical fallacy?

this man left his wife for another woman so we cant trust him

What arguments contains a clear logical fallacy in Frankenstein?

All of the above

Define Tautology and Fallacy?

A Tautology is any logical statement that always results in True. Example, the statement - "Malaria is dangerous" is always true.A Fallacy is a statement that always results in False. Example - "Toxic waste is easy to store" - is always falseThere are exactly opposite of each other.

What type of logical fallacy is the statement Paul would make a great class president because he is good at basketball and example of?

Non sequitur

What passage from The Damnation of a Canyon is an example of which logical fallacy?

Ad hominem

Which of these is an error in reasoning?

a logical fallacy

What is an ad hominem?

An ad hominem fallacy, sometimes called a "genetic fallacy" or "to the person fallacy" or shorted to "ad hominem", is a kind of logical fallacy. This logical fallacy's definition is: attacking the person rather than the statements the person made.

What is the logical fallacy in the statement I think Ms Sawyer is the best history teacher at your school She is a lifelong member of the Republican Party?


What type of logical fallacy is the following statement an example of Toyotas are some of the best-made cars in the world because they are so well constructed?

That is a statement involving circular reasoning. They are well made because they are well made... doesn't make sense.

Define logical fallacy?

Logical fallacy is a phrase used to describe reasoning that always seems to be wrong. In arguments, it would be rendered invalid.

What are the three types of fallacies that structural linguists find in traditional grammar?

Its Semantic Fallacy, Logical Fallacy, and Normative Fallacy.

Example of an ad hominem logical fallacy?

An ad hominem logical fallacy is an insult of a person making a point. If someone was making a point, and a person in opposition to that point called them a name as opposed to responding to their evidence, that would be an ad hominem.

What kind of logical fallacy sometimes involves using a statistic in a misleading way?

your mom is a fallacy.

What is Logical Fallacy?

A logical fallacy is, roughly speaking, an error of reasoning. When someone adopts a position, or tries to persuade someone else to adopt a position, based on a bad piece of reasoning, they commit a fallacy

What kind of logical fallacy does it use?

false causality

Congressman Smith opposes military action because he is weak and cowardly. Which logical fallacy does this example contain?

Ad hominem

What is a mistake in reasoning that makes an argument ineffective?

logical fallacy

How is the pearl harbor conspiracy a logical fallacy?

It lacks proof.

which of the following arguments use logical fallacy?

All of the Above

Which type of logical fallacy diverts listeners from the real issue to an unrelated matter?

A logical fallacy that diverts listeners or readers from the real issue to an unrelated matter is referred to as a red herring.

If you don't get all of your chores done at home then you'll never keep a job what type of logical fallacy is this an example of?

Maybe it is non squitur

Eliza Benedict wants to abolish the death penalty because she is a bleeding-heart liberal. Which logical fallacy does this example contain?

Ad hominem

What is an example of the logical fallacy called a red herring?

A red herring is a statement designed to deflect attention by bringing up an unrelated or irrelevant point. There are a number of different forms, including one entitled "association fallacy" which attempts to falsely discredit an argument by association. Example : "My opponent says he is in favor of smaller cars for everyone, and so was Adolf Hitler when he commissioned the Volkswagen."