What states did the choctaw Indians live in?

the choctaw Indians came from Alabama,California,Mississippi,Oklahoma and lousisana

Correction, Chowtaws did not come from California or Oklahoma. The Choctaw Indians were from the Southeastern United States (Mississippi, Southern Georgia, parts of Alabama, Louisiana and North/Panhandle Florida. The Trail of Tears in the 1800's forcibly moved Chickasaw, Seminole, Cherokee and Creek (The Five Civilized tribes) to new Indian Territory; which is now Oklahoma.

The Choctaws are still in their sovereign lands in the Panhandle along the Chippola river between the Chattahoochee and Choctawhatchee Rivers.

There was no forced removal of any Choctaw rather voluntary. Also those are patriarchial societies that moved westward. Which had a very small blood quatum for instance 1/8's,1/3'...etc. By this time those quatums have end.

The Choctaws that did not volunteer still inhabit there Tribal Estates along Chippola rivers in the panhandle.