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What states housed the past US capitals?

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New York and Pennsylvania used to house the national capitals of New York and Philadelphia respectfully.

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What are the capitals of all of the US states?

What are the capitals of all states in US?

Is the US divided into 50 states with capitals in each one of them?

Each of the 50 US States has a state capital located in it.

How many states and capitals in the US border the gulf of Mexico?

5 states, 1 capitalh

The US has three capitals?

No. Capital is Washington D.C. If you mean states of US then theres 50

How many capitals states and cities in the US are named after George Washington?

capitas and cities in the us

How many state capitals in the US?

There are 50 capitols that stand or 50 states.

How many state capitals are in the US?

50 - one for each of the 50 states

What US capitals begin with W?

Washington, D.C. is a capital city. It is the capital of the United States.

What states capitals in the US have only 5 letters?

Boise, ID Dover, DE Salem, OR

How many state capitals are there in the US?

There are 50 state capitals in the US.

What US states start with O and what are their capitals?

US states that begin with the letter O & their capital city:Ohio - ColumbusOklahoma - Oklahoma CityOregon - Salem

What US capitals have 4 letters in the name?

No US states have a capital with only 4 letters; they all have 5 letters or more.

What are the capitals of the US States that border the Gulf of Mexico?

Austin, Baton Rouge, Jackson, Montgomery and Tallahassee.

What are the names of five capital cities?

Columbia Sacramento Montpelier Boise Albany. Capitals of us states

Can you have 2 capitals in one country?

No, a country cannot have two capitals in one country. Because, if there are more than one capital, then there will be a fight over power. Just, like our past has told us.

How many capitals in the US?

there is 51 capitals. Washington is a capital,

How many capitals are there in the US?

There are 51 capitals in the US, one for each state and one for the country.

What are the two states outside the contiguous us and what are their capital cities?

Hawaii, and Alaska. Their capitals, respectively are Honolulu and Juneau.

Where are all of the state capitals on a map of the US?

A map of the US with state capitals is included in the link below.

How do you learn the states and the capitals of the us easy?

Break up the map into chunks and learn the states/capitals in that chunk. When you know that one go on to the next. Make each chunk about 10 states so you will have 5 chunks to learn. Get a jigsaw puzzle map of the states and do it everyday. As you put the pieces together visualize them and name the capital of that state. Pretty soon you will have a complete picture in your head of the map of the United States. These are the things I use to do to have my students learn the states and capitals.

What 4 states have capitals located on the Missouri River?

There are only three US state capitals on the Missouri River: Bismarck, North Dakota Pierre, South Dakota Jefferson City, Missouri

What are the capitals of Cuba Mexico US Brazil and Argentina?

The capitals of Cuba, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, and Argentina are Havana, Mexico City, Washington, D.C., Brasilia, and Buenos Aires, respectively.

Where is the original us constitution kept?

The original copy of the Constitution of the United States of America is housed in the National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Name two state capitals that contain a name of a US President?

Two state capitals that have United States Presidents in their name are Jefferson City, MO and Lincoln, NE. Madison, WI and Jackson, MS are two more capitals named for Presidents.

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