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Q: What states require NLN accreditation?
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How hard is NLN test?

My question is. I have to take NLN exam in November I would like to know how hard is NLN test.

State Accrediting NCE's?

All states will accept the national counselor's exam for state accreditation. Many states actually require it.

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States or federal department of education does not provide accreditation to any school or college in the united states. Accreditation is granted by accreditation agencies.

What is the nln exam?

"NLN exam" usually refers to the Pre-Admission exam to get into nursing school (or "PAX." It is a standardized test given by the National League for Nursing and tests math, science and verbal proficiency.

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No, it means you are in the 30th percentile. Study and try again :)

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