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mamoth,sloth,saber tooth ,rabbit, and foxes oh and berries

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What berries did stone age people eat?

stone berruies

How did stone age people eat?

They hunted for their food. =================== Like people today, stone age people had teeth. They ate with their teeth.

What food stone age time people eat?

the stone age people ate raw meat and vegitables and fruits

New stone age people used which food to eat?


What were appetizers in stone age?

There were no appetizers in the stone age. People ate what they could, when they could. There was nothing fancy about it: no courses - just eat.

What type of food did Stone Age People eat?

bread water

What did people from the old stone age eat?

People from the old stone age mainly depend on hunting for their survival. Meat from different animals and fruits like berries on the trees were the main food eaten by old stone age people.

Why were so many people sacrificed during the stone age period?

Many more peoples sacrifies the stone age life was natureful and the stone age mans eat to the nature food.

What stone age people ea?

Tools have been found from the stone age that would indicate that people did eat meat when they could. Their diet also consisted of fruits and vegetables.

How was food obtained in the old stone age and the new stone age?

The old stone age people used to hunt animals with their spears which were made from bones,stones etc...they also used to pluck and eat berries...i dont know about the new stone age

Did stone age people eat animals raw?

No, because they would have had a fire to cook it.

What are Paleolithic hirsute anthropophagites?

People who are from the stone age who are very hairy and eat humans.

How old did the stone age people get?

how people trade in the old stone age

What did the New Stone Age people eat?

People in the New Stone Age ate such of Mammoth; Ostrich eggs; and Some buffalo.(: Hope this helped I'm not so sure about the Ostrich eggs!

What happeneed when stone age people died?

When Stone Age people died,people carried on with their

How did the stone age eat?


What came after the stone age people?

The stone age was followed by the bronze age.

What people were wearing in the stone age?

people wore animal skin in the stone age

Did the land bridges allow middle stone age people or stone age people to move around the world?


What did people in the old stone age eat?

Animails, berries, each other and plants xxx

What did the stone age people have to eat?

mamoth sloth stuff like that not they ate chicken and stew

What fruit did stone age people eat?

Any fruit they could find that wasn't poisonous.

What food new stone age time people eat?

wat do u think idot

Did stone age people have tools?

Yes, they were made out of stone, that was why it was called the stone age.

How did people in old stone age survive?

The Old Stone Age people survived by HUNTING ANIMALS AND GATHERING PLANTS to eat. also they lived in tents or caves and started fires with sunstone rocks or sticks