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a byte

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Q: What stores one character or letter?
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How many letters in one character?

A character is one letter

What is a character in Microsoft Word?

a letter smart one

Which passwords parameter is correct?

Passwords can be letters and /or numbers

What is the dot and dash sign for SOS?

S O S :. . . / _ _ _ / . . .Letter S: ( . . . )Letter O: ( _ _ _ )SOS is correctly transmitted as one morse character (no character gaps) not three individual characters.. . . _ _ _ . . .

What is a cartoon character that begins with the letter E?

One is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alcemist.

Who was a flat character in scarlet letter?

One example of a flat character in "The Scarlet Letter" is Mistress Hibbins, who is the governor's sister and is known for her interest in witchcraft. She does not undergo significant development or change throughout the story, serving primarily as a minor supporting character.

What clothing stores that start with the letter p?

Clothing stores that being with the letter P are:Papaya

Character traits starting with the letter Z?

Zealous is a character trait. It begins with the letter z.

What stores one character on a computer?

A single character, such as "a" is stored on a computer as a byte. A byte is combination of eight 1's and 0's, such as 11001001. Each 1 or 0 is called a bit.

What is a cartoon character that starts with the letter w?

one word: WONDERWOMAN (simple question, simple answer^_^)

What is the name of a letter number or symbol entered in a cell called?

An individual one can be called a character.

Character letter to a judge?

You can have others write a character letter for you to a judge. It can be former employers, friends or family.