What story written in 1697 made most Europeans scared of wolves?

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little red ridding hood :)
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What are scared stories?

Scary stories are fictional stories that are meant to make youscared. They are often legends told over and over again and usuallytold by campfire.

In the story a single shard What is the most important event in the story that made tree-ear stronger This answer should not be about physical strength?

Answer . The most important event in the story that caused and made Tree'ear stronger is when the bandits shattered his vases that he was suppose to bring to the royal commisionaries. I think that made him stronger because of the fact that he had no where to turn and just when he was about to gi ( Full Answer )

Who was most affected by the red scare?

Labor unions were the groups that were most affected by the RedScare. Some American businesses used the Red Scare as a method todemonize labor unions, claiming they were all communists. As aresult, the unions, who had become very strong, lost over a millionmembers. In actuality, communist membership ( Full Answer )

Where are wolves most seen?

wolves are seen in places such as boreal forests that contain moose and some rabbits. they may live in some cold places like anarctica. from cassy brent

Who made the wardrobe for Dances with Wolves?

There were five people credited for their work on wardrobe for the1990 film Dances with Wolves. These people were Ron Beebe (costumeassistant), Birgitta Bjerke (costume supervisor), Julia Gombert(assistant costume supervisor), Barbara Gordon (set costumer), andCathy Smith (costume construction). Two ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1697 British coin?

There are two possibilities for a 1697 copper coin with BRITANNIA on it, a Halfpenny or a Farthing, each coin has multiple variants.. A British 1697 Halfpenny, circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £30 to £750 GBP.. A British 1697 Halfpenny (all stops omitted), ci ( Full Answer )

What stories do you know about wolves?

To add your answer, click on the end of the lastanswer and press enter, the next number should appear. DO NOT DELETE OTHER ANSWERS . 1) The 3 Little Pigs. 2) Little Red Riding hood. 3) Jack and the Beanstalk. 4) The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Why are people scared of wolves?

Because of their eary howl and their crave for meat....people are also scared of wolves because of their super speed and their creepy looking eyes.

What American author has the most stories made into movies?

Stephen king I think for quantity it is Philip K Dick. For percentage Again I believe Philip K Dick. He wrote either books or short stories on the following. Blade Runner 1982 Screamers 1995 Total Recall 1990 and 2012 Confessions D'un Bario 1992 Impostor 2001 Minority Report 2002 Pa ( Full Answer )

What are monkeys most scared of?

Monkies are easily frightened creatures, but that depends on what is frightening them. Many things can trigger their fear: Their common enimies, surprises, loud sounds, or what is unknown to them.

Story Theme The wolves of willoughby chase?

the only reason is =the chicken met the monkey and the monkey said hi the monkey said by because he had a banana in his eye That was the first answer... YEAH Wicked wilves without and a grim governess within threaten Bonnie and her cousin Sylvia when Bonnie's parents leave Willoughby Chase for a ( Full Answer )

When do wolves howl the most?

They howl the most at three different occasions. One, when gathering the family, to strengthen the family bonds. Two, when gathering for a hunt, also to strengthen the family bonds. Three, to mark where their territory is to scare away other packs or unwanted wolves.

Where can wolves be sighted the most?

Probably in north america, as packs of wolves roam in the rockies and yellowstone. Grey wolves and timber both live thier.

Why Did The European settlers kill wolves?

They believed that they would gain the power of this magnificent pack-related animal. Sheep and cattle ranchers saw them as a threat to their livelyhood.

What scares you most?

if you mean what is the most commen fear or just what im afaid of i will answer both the most commen fear is 1. the fear of spiders (which i think is silly) 2. the fear of getting in to things such as say some guys just being a jerk and you just want to tell him off but you don't 3. the fear of flyi ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1697 British Shilling?

There are 28 variants of the British 1697 William III Shilling, minted in various different mints, with different designs and different minting errors, mostly spelling errors. There are no Proof coins listed and no indication of any uncirculated coins. Depending on any or all of the variables, ( Full Answer )

Why are most people scared of dogs?

Most people are scared of dogs, because... . their siblings might be scared of them and that creates tension . they've either been attacked or killed by a dog . they just cant take the barking, the licking, and the jumping . -DOGS ARE ANNOYING AND I HATE THEM!!!! SO THEREFORE I AM SCARED OF T ( Full Answer )

How to scare off wolves if a person encounters an aggressive one?

I just saw a program that had an expert on about wolves. He said that a wolf won't attack and that they are more afraid of people than we are of them. He also stated that they would circle someone, but not attack. I think we think this because of movies and the fear of them. Also chihuahua's are ( Full Answer )

What gang is the most scaring in LA?

It's a lot of gangs in LA that can be classified as scaring to certain people, far more than just one gang. You've got the Blood Alliance, the Crip Alliance, La Gran Mafia, and Nuestra Familia who are very major gangs in LA who can be considered scaring.

What is the most common color of wolves?

Gray, hence the common name Gray Wolf. This color is a mixture of black, white, gray, and sometimes tawny hairs. Usually the fur is a darker color on top with a lighter underbelly. Wolves come in colors ranging from black to white. What colors are most common depends on the location (for example, bl ( Full Answer )

What is a wolves den made of?

Usually wolves don't make their own den, most of the time they find a cave or a small collection of rocks with a roof shelter. Wolves tend to move around a lot so they may not stay in the same den forever they might move to different dens over time say if their is not enough room for the cubs any m ( Full Answer )

In what way are the wolves in the story similar to and different from real wolves?

well, for one thing wolves don't actually attack you unless they have rabies or some kind of disease. They probably won't even be near where you are, they might run away. They are similar in some ways because they are good at not being seen (like in red riding hood except they don't use clothes). Th ( Full Answer )

Are wolves most likely to kill people?

Wolves are very unlikely to attack people. (the least likely land predator in the world to attack people) But because they are seen as the feral dog they are frightening. My personal opinion is that Wolves are smart enough they have learned not to attack humans.

What Is Lady Gaga Most Scared Of?

Its was once reported that she was scared of using mobile phones because of the risk of developing a brain tumour. She gets her entourage to key in the numbers and hold the phone away away from her head when she speaks. However, I am not entirely sure what she is MOST scared of.

Where can you find scare wolves in Dragon Quest 9?

Zoom to Dourbridge, but don't enter. Instead, go south until you cross a bridge, taking you to a new area. You're now on a small landmass that doesn't lead anywhere else, but this is the Scarewolf's main spawn point, you should see them easily enough.

Why is it that most children are scared of their fathers?

That is because your father teaches you discipline, and teaches you how you should 'work' like them. In other words, you have to develop good education because they have worked hard just to earn money, but you, on the other hand, just gets low grades and shows it to your parents. My father always to ( Full Answer )

What is the value of a 1697 British Sixpence?

There are about 30 or more variants of the British 1697 Sixpence. The variants mostly include spelling errors, slight deviations in the design, or the different mints they were produced at. A British 1697 silver Sixpence (William III), depending on the variant, circulated but still in good condit ( Full Answer )

What is a colour that horses are most scared of?

yellow I have also heard they are scared of black, perhaps because it looks alot like a shadow. My own father knew a stallion that followed him everywhere. He was the sweetest horse around my dad. They had a cool bond. but when my dad wore black, the horse went from angel to demon and tried to kill ( Full Answer )

What is a good name for a story about wolves?

Only you can come up with a good name! Book Titles come from the story , not from some anonymous person on the internet! Titles are not as important as some writers think, also - your title might change many times between your first write and your final draft! Think about your story - what is goi ( Full Answer )

What scares most people about dying?

everyone knows living is fun right? so dying is not fun at all. and it scares people a Lot because you won't be alive for a very long time again (you might just be an angel anyways)

Are wolves scared of fire?

Well, yes. All they know instinctively is that fire can burn, and no one wants themselves or their home to be burnt. Even if a wolf saw fire in a campsite, it could 'freak out' because it wouldn't know the fire couldn't escape and burn down ... everything. Unless fire was a famillir sight they got u ( Full Answer )

Are wolves scared of dogs?

Wild wolves are what are called "shy" (suspicious) animals by nature. They would much rather avoid animals they don't know than confront them directly. Depends on the dog, though of course. A small dog might be something curious to them whereas a big dog is something they'd rather avoid both beca ( Full Answer )

At what age will most wolves disperse from their pack?

Wolfs may disperse from their pack anytime they are driven out or leave, there is nonspecific age, but normally males leave more then females to mate since only the alphas can mate in the pack, except for the occasional non-alpha breeding. During the winter is the time most wolves mate, so some may ( Full Answer )

What seasons are wolves most active?

They are most active in breeding seasons. Depending on which kind of wolf, that season is when they are most active

What are the most powerful wolves?

- gray wolves - dire wolves - Alaskan wolves These Are The Most Powerful Wolves In Order From Strongest To weakest But They Are All Powerful.

Where are most gray wolves found?

Gray wolves live mostly in Canada, Alaska, and in Russia and in neighboring parts of Asia and Europe.

What is the value of a 1697 British Halfpenny?

A British 1697 copper Halfpenny (William III), circulated but still in good condition, might fetch anything from £35 to £850 GBP. The following are variations of the same coin with minor minting differences including spelling errors. A British 1697 copper Halfpenny (William III)(all stops ( Full Answer )

How do stories and legends describe wolves?

It depends on the culture the stories and legends belong too. . Many stories depict the wolf as some sort of malicious demon, and some make the wolf a trickster like your typical fox story, Some make the wolf out to be a warrior, and others depict the wolf as a sort of wise guide creature. . If th ( Full Answer )