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They had the power of determination

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What did the Americans do during the American revolution?

The Americans fought for thier freedom during the American Revolutionary war.

What role did Native Americans play in the American Revolution?

During the American Revolution the Native Americans fought in either side, American or British.

What was NOT a strength for the patriots during the American Revolution?

they had no food and supplies

What did Americans live in during the American revolution?

The typical American lived in small log cabins. Wealthier Americans lived in small plank plantation homes during the American Revolution.

What was the result of fighting in the west during the American Revolution?

It is where the Americans had most of their victories during the Revolution

What two locations did African Americans settle during the American Revolution?

what two location did african american settle during the american revolution

Who were the Americans allies during the American revolution?

The French.

What strength did the Americans have during the Revolution War?

Had a strong leader in George Washington

American traitor during the revolution?

During the American Revolution, Benedict Arnold was fighting for the Americans but eventually traded to the British side.

What flag did the Americans fly during the American Revolution?


Who did the African Americans support during American revolution?


What percentage of Americans died during the American Revolution?


Why did Americans reconstruct authority during the American Revolution?

Americans reconstructed authority during the American Revolution to be able to incorporate the Confederate states into the Union without affecting their existing structure.

What did General Clinton do during the American Revolution?

Henry Clinton was a British General in the American Revolution. He was against the Americans.

What were the British called during the Revolution?

Americans called the British "Red Coats" or "Regulars" during the American Revolution.

Who did the Americans fight in the Revolution?

If by "Americans," you mean colonists, then they fought the British. Americans didn't exist during the American Revolution, because they were still British subjects.

What was the role of African Americans during the American revolution?

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Who convinced the French to aid the Americans during the American Revolution?

Benjamin franclin

Why did Americans call Indiana I the West during the American Revolution?

Maurion priest

Who were the Americans who remained loyal to great Britain?

During the American Revolution they were called loyalists, also Tories. During the American Revolution they were called loyalists, also Tories. vbvbvbvbv

What military roles did African Americans play during the American revolution?

soliidiier by force or...

Did the Americans use the Bayonet during the American Revolution?

more than likely yes they did

During the American revolution which battles did the Americans win?

concord lexington Yorktown saratoga

What were the Americans called who opposed independence during the American revolution?

British Empire Loyalists

What groups was driven from much of its homeland both during and after the American Revolution?

Native Americans

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