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Make your recommendation to the psychologist and explain the rationale behind your choice

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There is not much one can do if their partner is a pathological liar. Pathological liars know they are liars, but cannot seem to find a way of breaking this bad habit. Often pathological liars have low self esteem and can dramatize certain scenario's to make themselves seem self important and while this may work for a little while it does not fool many people. Pathological liars also have a difficult time in relationships and will lie about simple things they have done and will not own up to it. You can either put up with a partner who is a pathological liar or leave the relationship and the latter is the best way to go because you will find it difficult to believe them and once lied too it breaks the bond of trust between the two people and the relationship will eventually end.

Not all pathological liars are unfaithful. The question is: Do you think the pathilogical liar cheated on the spouse? Well, if you asked the pathological liar if they cheated on their spouse and they said no. Then they did, Because they are Pathological liars. Which means they cant help but to lie. But, if they said they didn't cheat on their spouse before you asked them? It could mean that they are not lieing. Its a catch twenty-two. They best way to figure that one out is to ask yourself, "Can I or should I trust a pathological liar?"

Narcissist commonly have a personality disorder trait, like pathological lying. They presents to the world the creation of his false self, the imagination of themselves. So, when they are presenting themselves in the best light often they lie about things.

The best answer I could find to this question is this, "it is questionable whether it is always a conscious act and whether pathological liars have control over their lies." So it looks like the experts are not even sure.

The study of how people have organized the way they live and there relationships with other humans

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The best way to tell if someone is a pathological liar, is to catch them in their lies. If you cant determine that they are a liar, it's best not to trust them until they prove otherwise, to keep yourself from getting hurt.

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The best relationships are ones that both people share an obsession with. Its the truth

The best way to deal with compulsive liars at work is to avoid them. If you notice any trouble starting, you can speak with your manager.

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Groupthink keeps the best liars in power

Don't date them. You cannot have a good relationship with someone you cannot trust.

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The best way is to utilize an sample test, take the test, and review your weakest point/areas. Study, study, study.

Books one through four of the pretty little liars series 'A' is Mona. (Hanna's so called best friend).

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Many liars do not have good memories and get caught lying. Some liars are very imaginative and can think up many different lies and remember them. The best thing to do when someone is lying is to avoid them. Who wants to have to listen to lies all the time?!

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