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Decade - 1970s

What stuff was popular in the 1970' s?


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Oh what a diverse era the '70's

Disco was hugely popular in the '70s. But punk rock was king to many.

Leisure suits, polyester suits, Staying Alive

Keep on Truckin, Smiley faces

Don't be a spaz, can you dig it?

Good night John-boy

May the Force Be With You

To the Max and The Man

Catch you on the flipside

Boogie down while you get down

using like in every sentence (it was an awful decade for those who were literate)

CB radios and the Me generation

Getting your first calculator so you didn't have to learn how to use a slide rule (ask your grandparents)

AMC Gremlins

End of Vietnam War for many Americans

Return of Vietnam POWs - no matter what country you were from this was a shocking and heart breaking sight when the pow's came off the planes

War protests in the early years of the '70's

Depending upon your tastes, the musical move from Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin (who still rules) and the Doors to BeeGees and Saturday Night Fever

Welcome Back, Mr Kotter and Vinnie Barbarino (aka John Travolta)

Jaws and we never felt safe in the water again

Grooving to the weekly tv show the Partridge Family and wondering if Marcia and Greg Brady were going to fall in love (yea I know it was a weird era)

The Godfather, the Sting and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, along with Deer Hunter, French Connection and Rocky (when will it end)

PONG! If you understand this you were there for the first video game.

Mary Tyler Moore we still miss you.

Carol Burnet will never be replaced

The LOVE Boat and other light comedies like Three's Company

Charlie's Angels - not the movie, but where it all began

Farrah Fawcette as THE pinup of the decade.

The ORIGINAL Battle Star Galactica

Battle of the Sexes with Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs

Mark Spitz and his golden moment during the horror of the Munich Olympic massacre

Bell Bottoms stayed with us for awhile along with big bushy sideburns for men.

Platform shoes that put life and limb in danger