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There are webkinz, and e-pets. Those are the only two virtual pets I know of. You can get them both at Walmart.

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Q: What stuffed animals have virtual worlds?
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Stuffed Animals

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No, all virtual worlds require software to download.

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What is the ISBN of Designing Virtual Worlds?

The ISBN of Designing Virtual Worlds is 0-1310-1816-7.

Is there such a thing called Webkinz?

Yes there is, Webkinz are stuffed animals with a code you can enter into the Webkinz site. When you enter the code, you now have a virtual pet of the stuffed animal the code came from. Here's their site:

What are some pregnant virtual worlds?

hi, I am looking for virtual worlds like that too, I don't know about you but it really pissed me off because all virtual worlds that i have viewed all have to have downloads or you have to install it! :(

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